Flint and Walling Submersible Pumps are made in America. Flint & Walling Pump Co. was established in 1866 making it one of the oldest pump companies in the United States. With the growth of electricity to rural areas in the early 1900s, the company placed more emphasis on designing electric powered equipment. By the early 1930s Flint and Walling had pioneered a line of convertible jet pumps which earned them a reputation of product leadership in water well pumps.
   As the demand for water well pumps grew, Flint and Walling continued to expand its product line to include a full range of jet pumps, centrifugal pumps and sump pumps. The 1950s saw expanded product growth to include submersible pumps. The future promises an ever greater demand for highly efficient water systems products and Flint and Walling is meeting that challenge through research and continued product development.
  Today Flint and Walling offers jet pumps, centrifugal pumps, 4 inch submersible pumps and 6 inch submersible water well pumps, and a complete selection of constant pressure submersible pumps systems that are designed to give you constant pressure and gallons per minute, just like turning on the faucet on a city water system.

4" Submersible Pumps
by Flint and Walling
for domestic and livestock water well pumps
Submersible Pumps by Flint & Walling, who offers a pump for every water pumping need.  


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Flint and Walling Water Well Submersible Pumps, Centrifugal and Self Priming Sprinkler Pumps, Jet Pumps and Water System Accessories
Flint and Walling Water Well Submersible Pumps, Centrifugal and Self Priming Sprinkler Pumps, Jet Pumps and Water System Accessories are all available from Dean Bennett Supply where we welcome the Do-it-yourself installer. Call 1-800-621-4291 to select your well supplies.

Submersible Pump Wire for connecting the submersible pump to the electrical power.
Submersible Pump Wire

Heat shrink splice kits are used to connect the submersible motor leads to the submersible pump wire underwater.
Heat Shrink Wire Connector Kit has stakons and heat shrink for a water tight connection

BW electrode systems are used to protect a water well pump from running dry and becoming damaged.
BW Relay for Well Protection

Water pressure tanks control the on and off cycles of a submersible pump.
Water Pressure Tanks

Stainless Steel Water Pressure Tank Fittings Kit for plumbing your water pressure tank for home pressure.
Stainless Steel Water Pressure Tank Fitting Kit

Stainless steel pitless adapter for setting a water well submersible pump.
Stainless Steel Pitless Adapters

Stainless Steel Pipe Nipples for first class plumbing of a water system.
Stainless Steel Pipe Nipples

Kwik Klamp Pipe Holder is designed to hold up to 3500 lbs of pipe weight.
Pipe Setting Clamp
Designed for PVC
Drop Pipe up to
3500# Non Shock Wt.

Economy Drop Pipe Elevators for PVC Drop Pipe to lower a pump into a well.
Drop Pipe Economy
Pipe Elevators for use with
PVC Drop Pipe

The following links will take you to your desired horsepower.
Complete pricing and capacity information is shown on these
submersible pumps pages by horse power.

1/2 hp          3/4 hp           1 hp

1 1/2 hp          2 hp           3 hp           5 hp

5 GPM          7 GPM          10 GPM

19 GPM          27 GPM          35 GPM

55 GPM          85 GPM

4 Inch Deep Set Submersible Pumps
The Flint and Walling Deep Well Submersible Pumps are designed for water wells deeper than 1000 feet, where other submersible pumps can not perform. We offer these in 5 gallon per minute, 7 gallon per minute and 10 gallon per minute size pumps.

5 GPM Deep Set Submersible Pumps 7 and 10 GPM Deep Set Submersible Pumps




Please call us at 1-800-621-4291 for assistance in selecting the proper pump for your
well. It takes only a few minutes, and you will get a pump that is designed to give you the
best performance for your well conditions, as well as a great price.


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What you can't see really counts - Quality Components
Make Flint And Walling Submersible Pumps
the right pumps for in your submersible pump well.
Submersible pumps for rural home water wells and livestock water wells.

Control box for operating submersible pumps.

304 Stainless Steel Discharge Head is non-toxic, lead free and designed for long life in corrosive water. Also features large wrench flats on the discharge for easier submersible pump installation.

304 Stainless Steel Pump Shell is threaded on both ends for easy attachment to the discharge head and mounting ring.

304 Stainless Steel Hex Drive Pump Shaft features an integral one-piece stainless steel coupling to ensure positive alignment with the motor.

304 Stainless Steel Suction Screen provides maximum protection from foreign debris, while providing a large filter area to maximize flow and minimize friction loss.

304 Stainless Steel Mounting Ring is precision cast for exact alignment of the motor to the pump end, in order to minimize vibration and noise.

Precision Molded Impellers are FDA Compliant. New space age thermoplastic impellers and diffusers have non-fusing, corrosion-resistant stainless steel thrust bearing inserts for long life and maximum efficiency.

Sand Slinger keeps sand and debris from upper bearing, adding to its long life.

Unique Floating Stack with precision-designed interior allows abrasive sand to flow through, reducing the chance of lockup.

Cartridge Assembly is completely field-serviceable and requires no special tools.

FDA -Compliant Top Bearing is non-toxic and corrosion-resistant to provide excellent protection from sand.

Internal Spring-Loaded Flomatic Check Valve is field proven, with FDA-Compliant materials and an elastomer ring to ensure a positive seal.

Precision Cast Rope Eyelet is provided on the discharge head for added protection while installing the pump in the well.

Streamline 304 Stainless Steel Cable Guard easily accommodates motor lead and ground wire.

Franklin Electric's Stainless Steel Motor includes built-in lightning protection on all single-phase motors. Stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance. UL recognized and CSA listed. Available in either 2-wire or 3-wire with control box models. Franklin Electric motors are used on 95% of the submersible pumps sold in the US.

Warranty: Dean Bennett Supply covers your Flint and Walling submersible pump for 1 full year from date of purchase, against any failure. Flint and Walling offers an optional coverage that protects your pump and motor against failure from the start of the second year through the end of the fifth year from date of purchase. Gold Star warranty must be purchased at the same time pump is purchased.

Gold Star 5 year warranty protection program 1/2 hp and 3/4 hp

$   75.00

Gold Star 5 year warranty protection program 1 hp and 1-1/2 hp $   85.00
Gold Star Plus 5 year warranty protection program 2 hp and 3 hp $ 150.00
Gold Star Plus 5 year warranty protection program 5 hp $ 170.00

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