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Before You Call For Sizing Help, Read This First

Flint & Walling 4" Submersible Pump are available in sizes 5 thru 85
gallons per minute
by Depth to water pumping level in feet and discharge pressure in pounds per square inch (PSI)
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Submersible well pumps make it possible to pump water from your submersible well offering you efficient and economical water pumping with a submersible well pump. Whether your water well is real deep or shallow, the submersible pump can be sized properly to give the most efficient water supply to your home. When you need a submersible pump for irrigation, we have higher gallon per minute pumps with higher horse power to satisfy the need you have. We offer submersible water well pumps, water well pump accessories and pump setting pipe, too. If you are going to set you own submersible well pump, we offer a description of what you need to know to pick out the correct model submersible well pump. Call us for help sizing the water well submersible pump you

Suggestion of how to build a tripod above your well to install a pump.

How to test your submersible pump motor

Submersible Pump Motors and Control Boxes