Aermotor windmills pump water with wind power. Dean Bennett Supply has served the windmill customer since 1965.

Aermotor windmills pump water with wind power. Dean Bennett Supply has served the windmill customer since 1965. Call 800-621-4291 today to get help with your windmill, hand pump, pumping cylinder and other windmill system accessories.


This book written by T. Lindsay Baker is an informative manual of knowledge about the model 702 windmill, the predecessor to the model 802 Aermotor windmill. There are many helpful drawings and pictures to aid you in assembling, installing and maintaining your model 702 windmill.

Learn how to work on and repair your Aermotor 702 model windmill with the great information and graphics to assist you.

$ 29.00

Model 702
windmill manual

Drawing of the running gears of the Aermotor 702 model windmill.


Understand the windmill mounting post and components of the braking ans furling system for the 702 Aermotor windmill, which also applies to the domestic Aermotor windmill too.

We also offer a set of windmill and tower assembly instructions, with a set of pictures that help you identify how parts go together for $ 20.00

This book explains the running gear of the 702 windmill motor. How to assemble the windmill, how to maintain and repair the windmill, and basic information that will make your ownership of a windmill more exciting and beneficial. If you have a 702 windmill, this manual is a must.

To the left is a drawing from this manual that shows how the parts of the windmill post assemble into the top of a tower to support the windmill. Note that the 609 furling unit goes over the post, and the angles secure to the corners of the tower where the post base is bolted on. The 513, now a 613 goes over the 609 furl lever and has a pair of 528 arms that extend up into cups on the end of the 585 and the 786 castings. The 585 pivots on the 510 pin which goes through the tail bone assembly. The hook on the end of the 585 is used to pull the tail out of the wind when the 613 is lifted putting pressure outward on the 585. On the other side, the 786 when forced outward with the lift of the 613, applies pressure to the brake band to stop the wheel and gears from turning.

This windmill manual will be worth its weight in gold to you when maintaining your 702 model windmill. Information you will not find anywhere else is available to you for the small cost of $ 29.00.

We also offer the "Windmills and Pumps of the Southwest" by Dick Hays and Bill Allen. This book is available for $ 19.95. Order your copies of these 2 books today.


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