BENSEAL is a specially processed course ground, non drilling grade of bentonite, for use in sealing and grouting well casing and earthen structures. Baroid Benseal is in granular form, approximately the size of #8-12 silica sand. It can either be poured into a dry annual space, or mixed into a slurry for placement in the borehole.

RECOMMENDED USES     Baroid Benseal can be used to seal and grout plastic or steel casings, seal engineering test study holes, plug and abandon mineral exploration holes and seismic shot holes. Benseal can be used to seal ponds, dams, ditches, and other earthen structures, as well as to seal around conductor pipe and mud tanks.

SEALING EARTHEN STRUCTURES     Work Baroid Benseal into the soil, covering completely the area which will be under water. Normal treatment is to use 1 to 2 pounds of Benseal per square foot, depending on the condition of the soil. To treat a water filled structure, broadcast Benseal evenly over the entire surface.

ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION     Benseal does not contain any contaminants. It is non toxic and does not spoil or ferment. Baroid Benseal is suitable for use in sealing around water well casings.

PACKAGING     Benseal is packaged in 50 lbs sacks, and comes palletized 48 sacks on a shrink wrapped pallet.

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