When your power goes off, how will you keep you basement dry? We offer the battery powered basement sentry sump pumps and also the Homeguard water powered sump pumps that take over pumping water from your sump pump basin when power fails, whether for storm or disaster reasons. These backup sump pumps are used together with the regular sump pump to keep your basement dry in normal and emergency conditions. Backup Sump Pump systems are an ideal home improvement item, since we never know when the power for the standard sump pump will fail. If you are on a water well system, the battery powered backup is your best choice, since the water powered backup sump pump needs power for the pump system. If you are on city water, you still have water when power goes out, so the Homeguard water powered sump pump backup is ideal for keeping your basement dry in times of power outages.


  Sump Pump
Backup System
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Zoeller M53 sump pump for dewatering a basement.
M53 Automatic Sump Pump

Model #507

Basement Sentry 507 Install Instructions

Zoeller battery powered 507 backup sump pump for protection against power failure.

507 battery monitor keeps the battery charge fully for a power outage.

Zoeller 585 column style backup sump pump.
585 Battery Backup

AquaNot charge keeps the battery fully charged.
585 Aquanot II Charger

AquaNot battery for backup sump pump system has long life for backups.
Aquanot Deep-Cycle
Battery for Backup
Sump Pumps

Sump pump basin for installing a sump pump is 18" x 22" deep and is smallest basin for a sump pump.

The Zoeller model 507 Basement Sentry is a 12 volt Backup sump pump system that you can add to your existing sump pump installation to pump even when power is lost. It consists of a 12V - 12 Amp pump capable of pumping 23 GPM at 5 foot of head, or 12.5 GPM at 10 foot of head. The control box has battery burn out and overcharge protection, along with a 10 amp battery recharger. The solid state control has lights to indicate power supply on, battery partially charged, battery fully charged, pump alarm off, and a run light. An alarm will emit a continuous steady beep when the battery is low. System comes with the check valve, float switch, and fittings to install in your current system. Main system sump pump is not included. Customer needs to furnish a marine grade deep cycle battery with a minimum 175 minute reserve capacity. A fully charged
175 minute reserve battery, when the pump is operating continuously, will run approximately 7 1/2 hours.

Basement Sentry I is the Model 507
$ 289.75
Battery not included

Zoeller also offers the Model #510 battery backup sump pump which can handle more head feet of discharge, and give more volume of water pumped with battery power.

MODEL 510 Backup Pump   $ 765.75 Special Order Model


MODEL 507 510 585
5' 23 34 49
10' 15 22 36
15' 5 11 25
SHUT OFF HEAD 17.5' 19.9' 20'

#585  AQUANOT II Backup Sump Pump
$ 585.25

Aquanot 585 Install Instructions

The Zoeller Aquanot II model 585 is a 12 volt Backup pedestal sump pump system that you can add to your existing sump pump installation to pump even when power is lost. It consists of a 12V pump capable of pumping 49 GPM at 5 foot of head, or 36 GPM at 10 foot of head, and 25 GPM at 15 foot of head. The Aquanot II electronic 25 Amp battery charger has a mounting bracket, LED status indicators, automatic recharging, and 3.5 amps of AC input, outputs 12 volts DC.  A fully charged ( 105 Amp-Hour ) battery when the pump is operating continuously will run approximately 7 1/2 hours. Wt. 35 lbs.


Aquanot Battery
$ 229.00 Size #27 AGM Sealed Glass Mat Battery w/175 minute reserve capacity. 
Battery can ship on UPS or Fedex
Battery Box    
$   11.25 Battery Box for Aquanot Battery to protect it from damage and keep it secure for backup powering of the backup sump pump system.
18" x  22"
Poly Sump Basin
$   51.50 Minimum size recommended for Aquanot Backup
                  For sump pumps only.

AquaNot Flood Alert

Alarm #10-0763

$ 19.95

AquaNot flood alert water level alarm.

The AquaNot Flood Alert Alarm is a simple battery operated warning alarm that mounts on the wall with a sensor cord that hangs to just above the floor. When water contacts the 2 sensor points, the alarm is set off. It is an excellent way to know when you have a high water condition in your basement that needs tending to.




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