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Compressed bentonite tablets for sealing.


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Cetco's regular bentonite tablets are a pre-formed compressed tablet made from high swelling sodium bentonite. Stocked in Denver in 3/8" size. These tablets will form a flexible, permanent, non-toxic seal in monitoring well applications where water flow and hydrostatic pressures are involved. Cetco's tablets will swell 10 to 15 times their dry volume when hydrated with fresh water and will not shrink or crack over time. The smaller the annular space ( ie: the distance from the outside of the casing to the bore hole wall ) the smaller the diameter of tablets that should be used. Tablets will provide you with an in place expansive bentonite seal for your most sensitive monitoring well applications. Tablets can be placed in either a wet or dry bore hole with the same ease as pea gravel. Cetco's tablets are packaged in 5 gallon pails ( 50 lbs per pail ) and are palletized and shrink wrapped 36 pails to a full pallet.

PURITY: Montmorillonite content of about 90% minimum - - contains small portions of Feldspar, Biolite, Selenite, ect. Tablets have a 2.3 to 2.5 specific gravity, a pH of 8.5 to 10.5 and a dry bulk density of 82 lbs per cubic foot. The smaller your annular space ( distance from the outside of the casing and the borehole wall ) the smaller the diameter of tablet you should use.

seal around your pipe in a well bore with compressed bentonite tablets.

3/8" Cetco Coated Calcium Bentonite Tablets

Now you can pour bentonite pellets easily in the bore hole with standing water without the problems such as bridging from premature swelling. Cetco coated bentonite tables combines the best of a high yielding virgin western bentonite and the coating treatment for a delayed hydration allows the Cetco coted tablets to be poured or pumped into standing water up to 500' before they start to swell up. This method reduces waste, time, and handling costs associated with the semi-liquid methods presently used. Cetco coated tablets are stocked in 3/8" size, in 50 pound 5 gallon size pails.


Packaged in
50 lbs Pails
3/8" Regular Tablets $   76.00
3/8" Coated Tablets $ 129.00

Baroid's Bentonite Tablets will provide an in place expansive bentonite seal in your most sensitive monitoring well applications. They can be placed in either a wet or dry bore hole with the same ease as pea gravel.

Baroid Bentonite Tablet Reference Table
Weight of Coated Bentonite Tablets required for a bore hole seal per 1 foot of depth in pounds.
Use figure for bore hole times depth to find full hole quantity. Then deduct the amount
calculated for the casing used in the well. This will get you the quantity you need to order.
Size 2" 3" 4" 5" 6" 7" 8" 9" 10"
3/8" 1.59 3.88 7.15 10.76 15.88 21.08 27.80 34.88 43.68


Tablets are compressed and will swell to a greater volume than chips. Being more uniform in size and shape, tablets are less likely to bridge or hang up in the well. Tablets start to hydrate or swell slower than bentonite chips do, when dropped through standing water. Therefore, they will drop to the desired depth where they will create the proper seal between the borehole and the casing being sealed in place.


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Prices effective March 20, 2012