B/W Electrode systems are one of the best ways to protect your water well submersible pump from running dry and being damaged. B/W relays are placed between your pump power supply and the controls for your submersible pump. From the BW relay, 3 electrode wires are run to the well and down to the electrodes hanging in the well. The lowest electrode is your liquid ground electrode, which goes below the pump, makes certain that proper ground is provided to the other two electrodes. One BW electrode is installed just above the submersible pump as the cutoff electrode. This electrode turns off the power before your pump starts to run dry. The Upper electrode is placed at a level below your static water line, and up from the cutoff electrode far enough to allow recovery time before the pump restarts. Once the water rises to a level where it covers the upper electrode, the B/W relay resets and allows power to go to the pump controls.

  BW Electrode
LH Low Water
Cut-off Controls

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F&W water well submersible pumps for home and industry.
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Submersible Pump Wire for connecting the submersible pump to the electrical power.
Submersible Pump Wire

Water pressure tanks for water well systems.
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Stainless Steel Water Pressure Tank Fittings Kit for plumbing your water pressure tank for home pressure.
Stainless Steel Water Pressure Tank Fitting Kit

Stainless Steel submersible pump water well check valves.
Stainless Steel Check Valve

Heat shrink splice kits are used to connect the submersible motor leads to the submersible pump wire underwater.
Heat Shrink Wire Connector Kit has stakons and heat shrink for a water tight connection.

The pipe setting clamp is used for PVC or steel pipe to hold it while installing or pulling out a pump.
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PVC Drop Pipe for Setting Submersible Water Well Pumps.
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Economy drop pipe elevators for lowering pipe into a well.
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BW-LH "Low Water Cut Off" Sensor Controls

BW low water shutoff relay control for water level control.

BW Electrode System for Protecting a pump in a water well from running dry.

The "LH" series BW Electrode Control will protect your pump in the well from running out of water and burning up. BW "LH" controls are available for 230 Volt and 115 Volt pump installations. Please specify the voltage of your pump.

The electrodes are hung in the well at different heights to control turning off and resetting the control.

The BW control uses 3 electrodes to protect your pump when water drops to a dangerous level. The first electrode is the ground to liquid electrode. It will be hung in the well below the other 2 electrodes. This assures a proper grounding of the sensor control and proper performance. A ground to a ground stake is not adequate to make your system work right.

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Stainless steel electrodes for BW water level control system.
E1S Electrode

The next electrode is above the ground electrode and provides the power cut-off when the water level drops below it.

The upper electrode is set at a level that allows your well to recover to an adequate  level before allowing the pump to restart. This protects against rapid cycling on and off. Your pump will not run after cut-off until water covers both the low water cut off and the upper reset electrodes.

$ 279.50
LH115 115V
LH230 230V
BW-LH Control Low water cut-off control with Nema 1 enclosure.
Specify voltage ( either 115 V or 230 V )
115V uses BW #1500-C-L1-S7-N1-X Relay
230V uses BW #1500-C-L2-S7-N1-X Relay
* If you have very soft water, specify that you need the S8 secondary coil which is a 360V coil as a
Special Order Item.

Nema 1 enclosure should be protected from the elements.

$   37.95 each BW E1S
Stainless Steel Electrodes
Three stainless steel wire suspension electrodes are required.
Price is for each electrode.
$   .29 ft.

Electrode Wire by the foot

18 gauge stranded copper wire with PVC insulation is available in Black, Red, and Green for your three electrode lines for easy identification.
$   .17 ft.

Electrode Wire Full Rolls

500' Full Rolls of Electrode Suspension Wire 18 gauge stranded copper wire with PVC insulation. Specify Color Red, Clack or Green.
$ 1.05 ft.

BW #6013-SW Electrode Wire
BW SW sensor wire has a heavy coating on the wire for extra strength.

BW #6013-SW Electrode Wire is a fancier electrode suspension wire. It is available by the foot in Black only. Type SW Suspension Wire is designed to provide maximum strength and insulation. Type SW wire is single conductor 18 gauge 41 strand copper with 4/64" vinyl insulation. SPECIAL ORDER ONLY. Since you have 3 electrodes, you will need 3 lengths of wire. Mark each wire to know which it is, since all wires are Black.
Minimum BW SW wire order 30'

Installation Instructions for the "LH" BW Control
This is the standard BW box used for 1 HP or smaller size pumps.

The 1500C sensor control will protect your pump from running dry when the water level drops to a dangerous level in the well.

Proper wiring of this unit is important to allow it to perform properly. The unit is wired between your power source and your pump control box.

The wire from your power source will have 2 wires that are hot with electricity. These will be referred to as L-1 and L-2.
L-1 will connect to the BW terminal #3
L-2 will connect to the BW terminal #4
From the BW #3, install a jumper wire to BW #5
From the BW #4, go into the pump control box to L-2 input
From the BW #6, go into the pump control box to L-1 input

Now it is time to set up your stainless steel electrodes for in the well.
There are 3 electrodes used in the proper installation. It is recommended that you leave the wire above each electrode hanging free in the well, at least 6" to 12" to prevent deposits from forming on the electrode that could cause false readings to the sensor control. It is also recommended that you place a bit of silicone gel on the top of the electrode cover where the wire goes in, to prevent water from getting into the top of the cap and being held there when the water drains from the bottom of the electrode. This will prevent false readings caused by water in the cap.

You may choose to lay out the wires for your electrodes on the ground to get them ready to install in the well. This way, you can measure the distance you desire between the electrodes, and tape the wires together so they hang as a unit. Remember to leave the ends near the electrode free, so it can move with the water.

BW sensor #7 is jumper wired to BW sensor #9.
BW sensor #9 then goes to the upper level electrode in the well. This electrode is the one which resets the control to allow your pump operation after the power has cut off due to low water level in the well.

BW sensor #8 goes to your low level cut off electrode. When the water level drops to the level where this electrode is out of the water, the power to the pump will be shut off.

BW sensor #10 goes to a liquid ground. This should be hung in the well somewhere below the lower level cut off electrode. NOTE connecting this terminal to a ground stake will not provide a proper ground, and may make the control malfunction. Ground must be to liquid.

  When using larger than 1 hp pumps, you will need a starter contactor
wired in to assure proper operation.
$ 510.00 LH230112 When you are using a pump that is 1-1/2 hp or larger, you need the unit displayed below.
#LH230112 is the same as the unit above, however it is wired with a contactor to use with your larger pump system. It comes in a larger metal box, pre-wired to make hookup simpler.
  BW Low Water Cutoff control for water well pumps that are 1-1/2 hp or larger.

Those of you who want to prevent the pump in the well from running out of water, while also being able to turn on the well pump to keep the cistern full, will need a dual relay system using both the 1500 C L2 S7 and the 1500 D L2 S7 relays wired together to protect your well pump, and to keep you water cistern full. Wiring instructions for dual relay systems.



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BW Cistern Water Level Control

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