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Drain Back Fitting Kit for well systems that drain back to the well to prevent freezing. The drain back tank fittings kit is designed for use with galvanized standard type pressure tanks.
These tanks are used where the well water line will freeze if not drained. The drain back fitting kit allows the water to drain back into the well from the home to prevent the water line from freezing.
The 2 hole check valve at the standard pressure tank, has a snifter valve, similar to a valve stem on you car tire.

The drain back valve in the tee placed in the drop pipe in the well below frost level, allows the water to drain back to the well. The snifter valve allows air into the line to allow the water to drain back to the well.

Your water line is always empty, when it has drained back. Each time you turn the pump on, the line is full of air, and the air volume control, installed into the tank bung half way up the tank side,  allows the excess air to escape from the tank prior to pressurizing.

Many homes in the mountains have very shallow bury depths, and therefore need to drain the water line back to the well to prevent freezing the line from the well to the home.

$ 120.25

1" Drain Back tank fittings kit
contains a 1" Galvanized steel tee with a 1" x 3/4" reducing bushing, and a 3/4" brass drain back valve, to install in the well below frost level. This keeps the water from freezing between the well and the home.
The fittings to plumb your water line into the tank are a 1" 2 hole check valve. This has both an 1/8" and a 1/4" hole. The 1/8" hole is for the 1/8" snifter valve, which will allow air into the water line, so the water will drain back to the well. The 1/4" hole in the check valve is for the 1/4" x 4" galvanized nipple the 20 to 40 psi pressure switch installs onto. The 2 hole check valve is connected to a 1" x 3" galvanized nipple, which is threaded into a 1-1/4" x 1" hex bushing, which threads into the hole near the bottom of the standard pressure tank. In some cases, you may have a larger than 1-1/4" hole at the tank, in which case, you will need to get another bushing to connect to the tank.
The hole in the side of the pressure tank, about half way up is where you install the air volume control. The air volume control has a hole that allow the air to escape as the pump pushes it in. When the water lifts the float on the air volume control, it closes the hole and then the water pressurizes to 40 psi to switch the pump off. There is a 1/4" brass 90 degree street elbow installed into the hole on the air volume control, and a 100 psi pressure gauge is threaded into the tee.






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Prices effective September 15, 2012