Drilling Mud density or specific gravity is the most significant measurement required and no reliable visual estimate exists. The mud density or specific gravity must be accurately measured in order to successfully drill a well hole. The most accurate measurement of mud density is made by using the Mud Balance.
Viscosity is the resistance to flow offered by a fluid. The term is loosely applied as the flow properties of drilling mud. The relative viscosity, or the cuttings carrying ability of the drilling fluid, can be measured by the Marsh Funnel. This comparative measurement is performed by simply recording the number of seconds required for a given volume of drilling fluid to pass through the Marsh Funnel.
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Threaded Flush Joint PVC Monitoring Pipe and Screen for Environmental Wells.
2" & 4" Threaded Flush
Joint Monitoring Pipe
and Slotted Screen.

Pipe Setting Clamp Pipe Holder to hold PVC and Steel Pipe without the need for a coupling to support it.
Pipe Setting Clamp Pipe Holder
Holds the pipe on the side.




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Surge blocks are used to develope the gravel pack in a monitoring well.
Surge Blocks used to develop

a monitoring well.

Stainless Steel Casing Centralizers for Monitoring Well Pipe.
Stainless Steel Monitoring Well Casing Centralizer

Limited Access manholes for protecting monitoring wells.
Morrison Bros Limited

Access Manholes

Locking J-Plug for monitoring well security.
Locking J-Plug
Well Protection Plug


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Mud Balance Scale for Drilling Mud open case.

Closed Case look at the Mud Balance from OFI.

$ 399.00
Density or weight of a given volume of liquid is determined by using a mud balance. The arm is graduated and permits accurate measurements to within +- 0.1 pounds per gallon or +- 0.01 specific gravity. The mud balance is constructed so that the fixed volume cup at one end is balanced by a fixed counterweight at the opposite end, with a sliding weight rider free to move along on the beam indicates when the system is in balance.

The OFI Mud Balance provides a simple method for the accurate determination of mud density. An outstanding advantage of this balance is the fact that the temperature of the drilling mud does not materially affect the accuracy of readings. The durable construction of the OFI Mud Balance makes it ideal for field use. It is very accurate and constructed with break resistant parts. Principally, the balance consists of a base, graduated arm and cup, lid, rider, built in spirit level, and a counterweight. The constant volume cup is affixed to one end of the graduated arm and the counterweight is attached to the other end. A plastic carrying case is provided which holds the balance intact.

Mud Balance procedure is included in package.


Marsh Funnel and Measuring Cup for testing drilling mud density.
Marsh Funnel and Measuring Cup
for testing drilling mud density
$ 43.25

The Fann Marsh Funnel Viscometer is made of rugged, break resistant red plastic that also resists temperature change deformation. Volumetric accuracy is assured. The plastic handle provides insulation to help protect hands during testing. A metal orifice assures accurate readings. The Marsh Funnel is used for routine viscosity determinations on almost every well drilling rig.

$   20.75
The 1000cc high impact plastic measuring cup, which is graduated in cubic centimeters and fluid ounces, is designed specifically for use with the Marsh Funnel Viscometer. Lines are molded in at 350ml and at 1 quart ( 32 fl oz ) to aid in these tests.

MARSH FUNNEL PROCEDURE: (for seconds / quart)
Hold funnel in upright position with index finger over outlet.
Pour the test sample through the screen in top of the funnel until the mud level just reaches the under side of the screen.
Remove finger from outlet and measure number of seconds for a quart of sample to run out.

Sand Content Kit for Mud Testing.
Sand Content Kit
$ 309.00
The Fann Sand Content Kit is a simple, accurate and inexpensive sieve analysis apparatus for determining the sand content of drilling mud. The kit consists of a special 200 mesh sieve 2-1/2" in diameter, fastened inside a collar upon either end of which fits a small funnel. This is used with the sand content tube. The collar and funnel are made of polyethylene and the screen is made of brass.


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