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Pump Model HP Voltage Pump Boost Price
17035R020PC1 1/2 Hp 115 V 60 Hz 35 psi $   842.00
17052R020PC1 3/4 Hp 115 V 60 Hz 52 psi $   945.00
17070R020PC2 1 Hp 230 V 60 Hz 70 psi $ 1126.00
The DURAMAC Water Pressure Booster System is the first booster pump of its kind to be designed for virtually all residential and small commercial water pressure boosting applications.

A single speed, totally enclosed fan-cooled motor drives the DuraMac booster pump with single phase power. The pump is controlled with one dial, and tells you if it is working properly by illustrating a single status light.

In PRESSURE MODE, the pump starts with pressure drop and stops on low flow.

The pump control accurately measures pressure with a pressure transducer and starts the pump at an adjustable start pressure point, and stops the pump when the flow is less than 1/2 gallon per minute.

The smart pump system will only run the pump when water is in use. There is a preset delay of 7 seconds after water is not flowing past the internal flow sensor. This is to fully pressurize the system and eliminate the possiblity of water hammering.

If the pump fails to build pressure, there is an automatic feature that will try to restart the pump every 15 minutes after a failure. This will occur automatically 4 times, flashing one time for every failed restart, then a solid RED fault light will come on. This protects your pump from running dry if the water supply is not adequate.


Open a nearby faucet and let water flow through for about 1 minute, or until all the air is purged from the pipes. This is necessary to prime the pump.

With the faucet open, plug the control power cord into the outlet. The pump should run, the BLUE light should be on, and the pressure gauge should increase. If the pump does not start, PRESS the Reset button.

Close the faucet, and the pump will run for 7 seconds after the water flow has stopped. The green standby light should be on.

Remove the round dial cover and adjust the dial on the control 10 - 15 psi less than the pressure shown on the gauge. Push the reset button.

The air pressure in the pressure tank should be 2 psi less than the start pressure on the control dial. The tank should be mounted on the top of the control tee, or within 10 feet.

To check the air pressure in the pressure tank, shut off the water supply main valve. Open a faucet, and the pressure gauge should read zero. With a tire pressure gauge, check the air pressure in the top of the tank, and adjust the air pressure if necessary.

Open the main shut off valve, and close the faucet. Check system for any leaks.

In FLOW MODE, the pump starts and stops by sensing flow.

The flow mode is an alternative pump control mode. The pump controller can be set to start and stop on flow only. This is not intended to work in suction lift applications.

This method can be used for situations such as minor leaking or when incoming pressure is varying, or you have high incoming pressure. In the flow mode, the starting flow rate exceeds approximately 1 gallon per minute, and the stopping flow is about 1/2 gpm. There must be at least 25 psi incoming pressure at the highest fixture, for this to work properly. Once the pressure in the tank has dropped to the incoming pressure, there is a 3 second delay until the pump starts. The green light will be flashing. This is to prevent a false start caused by fluctuating pressure in the supply line.

     Turn the Start Pressure dial to "0" and press Reset. Now the pump will start and stop with flow.
     Adjust the air pressure in the pressure tank. The tank pressure should be 2 psi lower than the start pressure. You will need to watch your pressure gauge when water is flowing, to see the pressure where the pump starts.

In CONSERVATION MODE, the pump only operates at peak demand, such as multiple showers, bathtubs, or irrigation systems running.

Your pump controller can also be set up to save electricity, by running only during peak demands. The pump will operate only when system pressure is below city supplied pressure, and will operate continuously while there is demand for water.
     Turn the start pressure dial 5 to 10 psi below incoming city pressure and push RESET. Now the pump will start when the pressure drops below the incoming pressure.
     Adjust air pressure in tank and adjust to 2 psi below the start pressure on the control dial. This must be done with no water in the tank.

3 DuraMac Pump Models are available to satisfy your pressure boosting needs.
These DruaMac pumps are not designed for boosting pressure above 80 psi.
17035R020PC1 35 PSI 5.5 120V 60HZ 1/2 HP
2 Impellers
45 psi

52 PSI

7.0 120V 60 HZ 3/4 HP
3 Impellers
28 psi
17070R02PC2 70 PSI 4.0 230V 60HZ 1 HP
4 Impellers
10 psi
(for use with holding tank)


The DuraMac booster pump should be installed after the water meter, and before the water softener. A 40-50 mesh strainer should be installed before the pump, if there is debris in the water. Be sure the strainer is cleaned regularly.

When connecting to a pressurized supply line, make sure the incoming pressure is less than that listed in this table.

When connecting the Duramac pump system to a pressurized supply line, make sure the incoming pressure is less than that listed in the table.

The Duramac booster pump will stop on low flow, not pressure, so depending on the pump you are installing, you will add your models boost psi to the incoming psi to not exceed 80 psi. If your boosted pressure is greater than 80 psi, you will need to install a pressure reducing valve before the pump to regulate the incoming psi. It is recommended that you install a gate valve or ball valve with a union before and after the pump. This will make pump disconnection easier to allow servicing if required.

Use with Well Tank System:
The DuraMac booster pump should be installed after the well tank, and before the water softener. Water treatment equipment used to increase pH (potential of hydrogen), must be done before the pump.

A pressure reducing valve is required and must be installed before the pump to ensure proper operation. Set the pressure reducing valve to the cut in pressure of your well pressure switch. For example if your pressure switch is set for 30-50 psi, set the pressure reducing valve to 30 psi to eliminate fluctuation of the pressure from your well tank, and give you constant boost.
Suction Lift - Cistern or from holding tank

Install the pump as close to the water source as possible to minimize the length of the suction pipe. The diameter of the suction pipe should be the same or larger than the suction inlet on the pump.

Be sure the suction pipe is free of any air leaks, and that it slopes upward from the water source to the pump. The pipeline should be free of  high spots that can trap air. Avoid bends such as elbows and fittings when possible. A stand pipe at least 12" long should be placed on the tee going into the pump. This will make easier priming, since these models ARE NOT SELF PRIMING PUMPS. Place a plug on the top of the stand pipe to make priming easier.

A foot valve on the bottom end of the suction pipe is required, so the pipe will stay full, allowing the pump to start with ease. Maximum suction for these pumps is 20', however we recommend suction of no more than 15'.

In a suction application, the DuraMac pump will need primed with water to start the pump operation. Leaks in the inlet pipe will cause the pump to have trouble building pressure, and will cause the pump to loose prime. Prime the pump by pouring water into the stand pipe until the pipe is full of water. Start the pump for a few seconds by pushing the reset, and then repeat this. It may take a few time of doing this to purge the air from the system.

Make sure all joints are free of leaks, and use pipe dope to seal threads. It may be necessary to push the reset button on the control a few times to fully prime the pump. Repeat the priming instructions above if the pump does not build pressure quickly. When fully primed, the DuraMac pressure gauge should read the same as the pressure noted in the sizing chart above.

Measurements apply to Duramac 17035R020PC1, 17052R020PC1, and 17070R020PC2 models.

Prices Effective January 10, 2013

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