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4" Submersible Pumps

When using a submersible pump in a cistern, or large body of water, it is required that you use a flow inducer sleeve. The Flow Inducer Sleeve makes the water flow past the submersible pump motor to carry the heat away. Without a flow inducer sleeve, a motor in a large body of water will retain its heat, and can be damaged by not cooling properly.

We offer 3 sizes of flow inducer sleeves for 4 inch submersible pumps. The PVC pipe makes up the sleeve. The top of the flow inducer sleeve is sealed with a well seal, sized for the correct discharge pipe size. This makes all the water enter from below the motor, so it carries the heat away from the motor.

Many times in a cistern, you can use a flow inducer sleeve on a pump placed at 45 degree angle. This will give you more water level before the cistern is in danger of running low on water. If you are using a pitless adapter to discharge underground from the cistern to the house, you will want to use rigid steel piping in the cistern. Come out of the well seal with a steel nipple, and place a 45 degree elbow on the nipple. Put the check valve above the elbow, and extend the pipe up to the level where it will connect to the pitless adapter.

When coming through the wall of the cistern tank, we suggest using a long length of steel pipe, passing it through a pipe seal grommet to seal the pipe through the cistern wall, so the ground can add stability to the pipe, making the pitless adapter more stable. Extend your pipe through the wall to the point where the pitless can be installed just below the cistern manhole opening. This will allow you to access your pitless adapter to pull the submersible pump out of the cistern for service.

Cistern Water Level
Monitoring Alarm
10SHROUD 4" PVC Flow Inducer Sleeve with 1" discharge
well seal in the top.
$ 49.95  
12SHROUD 4" PVC Flow Inducer Sleeve with 1-1/4" discharge
well seal in the top.
$ 49.95  
20SHROUD 4" PVC Flow Inducer Sleeve with 2" discharge
well seal in the top.
$ 49.95  

Prices effective March 25, 2009