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SludgeMaster Air-Powered Submersible Pump    
$ 3510.00

  • 3" Up to 300 gpm

  • Handles mud, leaves, twigs, sand, sludge, mill-scale, bilge-gunk, sewage and trash-laden water typically confronted by utility companies, contractors, municipalities, and most industries.

  • Also handles most substances common to the chemical process, marine, mining, paper pulp and petrochemical industries.....even handles small solids.

  • Powered by a compressed air powered motor with easily adjusted variable flow and pressure control.

  • Can run dry without damaging pump.

  • Automatic internal lubrication; requires only 1 pint of oil every 50 hours of operation.

  • Up to 65 foot shut off head.

  • Self priming. Submersible when exhaust air is piped above the surface. No suction hose needed.

  • Weighs just 59 lbs and is 23 inches high.

  • Fits through openings as small as 14" diameter. User benefits of air powered SludgeMaster are varied and unique.

  • Immediate use: simply hook up compressed air supply, lower through manhole or into sump or fluid to be pumped. No fuel tanks to run empty, no gas cans to carry, no electrical connections, no electric motors to overload.

  • Self Priming pump.

  • Pumps practically anything that will flow.

  • High capacity, low head operation to meet nearly every emergency or daily use application.

  • Keeps pumping without clogging on most problem jobs. Won't choke up on small trash. Can run dry with no damage.

  • Fool proof design: open two vane low speed trash type cast iron impeller handles abrasive substances with less wear.

  • Continuous automatic lubrication: internal oiler, oil-bath lubricated shaft seal; needs only 1 pint of oil for every 50 hours of use.

  • Built-in speed-limiting governor prevents damage to pump if it is run dry for extended periods of time.

  • Self draining to prevent damage in below freezing weather.

  • Sturdily built for rough handling and long life endurance on land, at sea or offshore: Cast iron & steel for wear, aluminum for weight savings.


Battery Powered Dewatering Pump      $ 1510.00

1/3 HP Battery Powered DC Submersible Pump
with 1-1/2" discharge

This Ever-Ready pump features

  • Low 30 amp current draw. Average 12 volt light truck or automobile battery provides about one hour of continuous pumping without running the engine. ( Longer time on larger batteries; slightly shorter time during cold weather. )

  • Furnished with battery clips at end of 30 foot cable.

  • Electrically safe; 12 volt DC design with built in Safety Interlock circuit to eliminate arcing.

  • Whisper quiet. No suction hose needed. No cranking or engine starting problems.

  • Weighs just 33 lbs, and is 19-1/4" high.

  • Fits through openings as small as 10" in diameter.

  • Designed for utility companies, contractors, municipalities and industrial users.

Metal Box for #303022SP pump . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 250.00

30' Extension Cord for #303022SP pump . . . . . . . $ 285.00

Prices effective 3/15/2012


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