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Use your RV or motorhome water line all winter with a heated water hose. Our heated water hose comes in 25' & 50' lengths, and can be used to maintain water flow 24/7 in below freezing temperatures. Heated water hose has been tested to minus 42 degrees Fahrenheit.

25' heated water hose draws 180 watts, and 50' heated water hose draws only 360 watts. Works with standard 110V GFCI outlet. The heated water hose turns on at 45 degrees F. and turns off at 57 degrees F.

Constructed of 5/8" diameter hose made from durable 150 psi PVC material which is FDA approved for potable water, and are knit re-enforced with high quality brass fittings. Features solid brass male and female end couplings, abrasion resistant cover and knit reinforcement.

The temperature sensor is built into the female end of the hose, which is the end that will attach to your water supply, and the hose has about a 6' cord, attached to the female end. Be sure the supply end is exposed to cold, or the hose will not sense the cold.

Comes with 1 year warranty.

Heated water hose will prevent a water line to a motorhome from freezing.
Freezing water can burst the hose, so always keep the hose plugged in whenever the hose is in cold weather and has water in it.

Drain any water out of the hose when not in use.

Never let water freeze within the heater head where the cord attaches to the hose.

Never let water that is under pressure freeze in the hose.

Be sure power plug is connected to a GFCI (Ground Fault Cincuit Interrupter). Be sure the thermostat which is in the cylinder on the power cord, is exposed to outside air and is not within a heated area.

H50       25' heated water hose $ 137.50
H50       50' heated water hose $ 197.25
TC035  Thermostatic control for hose $   33.25
  is rated 15 amps and turns on at 35 degrees F. and turns off at 37 degrees F.   


Prices effective December 1, 2013