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Freeze protection for water pipes, fire protection lines, and roof and gutter deicing in an industrial grade heat tape.

CLT-JT type self regulating heat cable is a parallel circuit electric heater strip. The heat cable has an irradiation cross-linked conductive core of polymer material, extruded over the multi-stranded, tin plated, 18 gauge copper bus wires. The core material is conductive and increases or decreases its heat output in response to changes in temperature. The inner jacket is thermoplastic and is extruded over and bonded to the core material. Over the inner jacket, is a thermoplastic elastomer outer jacket. A tinned copper braid is installed over the second jacket to provide a continuous ground path. The final protective polyolefin outer jacket is added to make the heating cable suitable for wet applications, and protects the cable in installations where abuse is present.

The parallel bus wires apply voltage over the entire length of the heat cable, and the conductive core provides an infinite number of parallel conductive paths, permitting the installer the ability to cut the heat cable to any length needed, in the field. Because of the heating cable structural design, cutting will not create any dead spots or cold zones in the heat cable run. The heat cable can be overlapped without creating any hot spots or burnout, due to its self regulating characteristics.

CLT-JT self regulating heat cable is ideal for use in fluid flow under low temperature conditions. Typical applications of the CLT-JT heat cable are freeze protection and low watt density process temperature systems such as product pipelines, fire protection, process water, dust suppression systems, hot water and structural deicing applications.

Chart for CTL Heat Cable for use on Metal pipe.

CTL Heat Cable chart for use with PVC plastic pipe.


Product # Description


120V Industrial Grade Heat Cable

CTL3JTCUT 3 Watt 120V Jacketed Industrial Heat Tape $ 5.89 ft
CTL5JTCUT 5 Watt 120V Jacketed Industrial Heat Tape $ 5.99 ft
CTL8JTCUT 8 Watt 120V Jacketed Industrial Heat Tape $ 6.15 ft
240V Industrial Grade Heat Cable
CTL25JTCUT 5 Watt 240V Jacketed Industrial Heat Tape $ 5.99 ft
CTL28JTCUT 8 Watt 240V Jacketed Industrial Heat Tape $ 6.15 ft
Industrial Heat Cable Accessories
SLTS Splice Kit used to splice two pieces of heat cable together to lengthen or when repairing the heat cable ( 5 Splices per kit ) $ 199.00
SLTP Power End Termination Heat Shrink ( 5 Seals per kit ) $   16.00
LTSS Inline Heat Shrink Splice $   77.00
LTST Tee Splice Heat Shrink $   81.00
SLTE End Seal Kit provides a moisture seal at the end of each heat cable circuit. ( 5 End Seals per kit ) $   23.00
TF4X40 Fixed Point Thermostat $ 192.00

Residential Heat Tape

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