Environmental Monitoring is the practice of drilling and testing ground water wells for contaminants. Dean Bennett Supply stocks the monitoring well supplies you need to install a monitoring well, and the environmental testing supplies needed to maintain the testing procedure.

Threaded Flush Joint PVC Monitoring Pipe and Screen for Environmental Wells.
2" & 4" Threaded Flush
Joint Monitoring Pipe
and Slotted Screen.

Grips the pipe on the side, not needing a coupling to support against.

KWIK KLAMP is for 1" thru 2" PVC or steel pipe.
KWIK KLAMP II is for 2-1/2" thru 4" pipe.
KWIK KLAMP III is for 6" Pipe
Add special slips to KWIK KLAMP III for 5" Pipe

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Surge blocks are used to develope the gravel pack in a monitoring well.
Surge Blocks used to develop a monitoring well.
Kwik Klamp Pipe Holder to hold PVC and Steel Pipe without the need for a coupling to support it.
Kwik Klamp 2 is for larger than 2-1/2" up through 4" pipe.  

Stainless Steel Casing Centralizers for Monitoring Well Pipe.
Stainless Steel Monitoring Well Casing Centralizer
$ 429.00 KWIK-KLAMP PIPE HOLDER has replaceable serrated jaws of tempered steel. The pipe size and tension adjuster is a 7/8" acme threaded rod located inside the front jaw. This Kwik-Klamp unit will hold 1" thru 2" pipe at any point along the pipe, not just at the coupling, and can be used on both galvanized steel pipe and Schedule 80 threaded PVC drop pipe equally well. This single hand operation unit has a safety pin to prevent accidental unclamping or release of the pipe, and is tested up to 3500 lbs. Compact size is 19" long, 4-1/2" wide and weighs 14 lbs. It is easy to use, made of all steel construction, and is designed with the professional installer in mind.
$ 825.00 KWIK-KLAMP2 Pipe Holder is like the unit above, except is has 16 carbide tipped grippers for excellent holding capabilities of 2-1/2" thru 4" pipe, and is tested for 7,000 lbs. Unit weighs only 30 lbs and is 20" long and 7-1/2" wide. This heavy duty pipe holder can be used on Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel, PVC, and HDPE pipe. Designed with the professional in mind, this Kwik Klamp pipe holder will hold 2-1/2", 3" and 4" pipe anywhere on the pipe, not just at a coupling.
$ 860.00 KWIK-KLAMP3 Pipe Holder is for holding 6" PVC Pipe. Kwik-Klamp 3 has 20 carbide tipped grippers which are 3/8" 16x1/2 and is load tested for 7000 lbs.
Unit is 20" long and 7-1/2" wide and weighs 37 lbs.
$ 325.00 Kwik-Klamp3 ADD ON for optional 5" casing inserts consist of jaw pads and bolts to use the Kwik-Klamp3 for 5" casing. Buy Kwik-Klamp3 and the 5" jaw pads.


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