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Stock tank water heaters are designed to keep ice from closing the water tank to animals. Most stock tank heaters are thermostatically controlled to turn on at 42 degrees and turn off at 55 degrees. A 1000 watt stock tank heater can keep the water open in up to a 250 gallon tank. A 1500 watt heater can keep the tank from freezing in up to a 350 to 400 gallon tank.

Bob float valve for stock water control.
R400 Bob Float Valve

Heavy duty Robert Bob Float valve for water level control.
R600 Bob Float Valve

R610 Robert Bob Float like 2" size bob float.
R610 Bob Float Valve

Copper ball for stock tank water level control.
Copper Float Ball

Aluminum Stock Tank Floats for use with water level valves.
Aluminum Stock Tank

Flat rubber float for water tank water level control.
Hard Rubber Flat Floats



1000 Watt units are designed for up to 250 gal tanks. 1500 Watt units are designed for 350 to 400 gal tanks. Deicer will come on at 42 degrees and go off at 55 degrees.
If you have a large tank, in extreme cold, the deicer may only keep a hole for drinking open near the heater, and not keep the whole tank ice free.
Tank deicers are to keep an open area in a tank, and will not heat all the water to a specific temperature. The further from the heater, the cooler the water will be.

Convetible water tank deicer is able to be used as a floating unit or a sinkable stock tank heater.



$56.76  #DT15

Convertible Tank Deicer can be used as a floating or a sinking tank water heater. Durable die-cast aluminum finned heating element is virtually indestructible. Heater incorporates a micro-processor and high resolution temperature sensing for more accurate water temperature control. Multiple heat sensors improves temperature control while keeping the tank free of ice. Runs cooler to the touch.
Has a 6' cord and a 8" wide heat element.

Side mount stock tank heater for water deicing. TANK SIDE DEICER/
$219.71  #71502

The tank side deicer clamps onto the side of the stock water tank and prevents livestock from removing it from the tank. The deicer comes with an adjustable thermostat which allows you to control the water temperature.
The heating element is large in diameter to promote long deicer life. 7" widest element.
Heater is for metal tank, and is 23" long and the loop extends 19" into tank.



Floating stock tank heater to keep ice from forming.


The Floating De-Icer is designed to float in the stock water tank and is thermostatically controlled.

The styrofoam float is enclosed completely in a rugged plastic housing, with the cord coming out the top side which helps the stability of the heater in the tank, making it less likely to tip.

1000 Watt Floating Deicer  #7621 has a 6' cord
8-1/8" wide and 4-1/2" high.

$38.53 1500 Watt Floating Deicer  #7521 has a 6' cord
8-1/8" wide and 4-1/2" high.

$15.59 Wire Guard for Floating Deicers  #88R 14-3/4" diameter
Submersible stock tank heater with a protective guard to keep it from melting a plastic tank. SUBMERSIBLE STOCK TANK HEATERS

The submersible stock tank heater sinks to the bottom of the tank where livestock are less likely to disturb it. Unit is thermostatically controlled with an automatic shut-off. Each unit comes with a galvanized wire guard stand that makes these units useable in a plastic stock water tank.

$51.76 1000 Watt Submersible Heater / Deicer  10N 6' cord 14-3/4" wide and 4-1/2" high.
$53.24 1500 Watt Submersible Heater / Deicer  #15N
6' cord 14-3/4" wide and 4-1/2" high.
$98.53 1500 Watt  DEICER  #15CA Has a 6' cord 
6-1/8" Diameter

The heating element of this cast aluminum deicer is inside the aluminum casting. This allows the heater to operate at a cooler temperature, lengthening the life of the unit. The unit is thermostatically controlled with an automatic shut-off.
It is recommended to use the 88R Wire Guard on this unit if used in a plastic stock tank.

The 1500 Watt Drain Plug model stock tank heater and deicer can be used in metal or plastic stock water tanks that have a drain hole. The cord separates to allow easy installation through even a small drain hole. Adjustable stand-offs keep the unit stable in the tank bottom. Unit has a built in thermostat with an automatic shut-off if water level gets too low. 6" wide 12-1/4" long and 4" high.
Heated 16 gallon Water Bucket for Horses.
These 16 gallon heated water buckets have the heating element built into the wall of the bucket to keep ice-free drinking water for your horses or other livestock animals in sub-zero weather. 260 watts. 23" wide and 17-1/2" high.
Heated 5 Gallon Flat-Back Bucket.
These flat back buckets are heated so that you can hang them on the side of a stable stall to provide water that is ice-free for your horse or other animal. The heater element is built into the wall of the bucket to protect your animals from the element, and is thermostatically controlled.
130 watts. 16-1/4" wide and 12-1/2" high.
$ 30.58
Bucket Holder for 5 gallon Bucket.
Designed to mount the flat back 5 gallon heated water bucket to a wall or corral side.

$ 51.10

250 Watt Bucket heater Deicer.

The DT250 is a 250 watt bucket deicer with a 10' cord, and a sturdy aluminum body. The DT250 is safe for use in a plastic bucket, since it uses multiple sensors that provide efficient temperature control. 4-3/4" diameter heat element.

Aluminum submersible water tank heater to keep it free of ice.



Stock tank heater for installation through a drain plug in a stock tank.






16 gallon horse watering heated bucket to keep it free of ice.

5 gallon flat back bucket for mounting on side of a corral.

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