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Royer's 2 piece Aluminum locking well caps are for use in securing above ground protective risers on monitoring well locations. The bottom half of the cap secures to the riser casing with Allen head screws. The top half slides over the bottom flange covering the Allen screws and making them un-accessible. With the top half over the bottom, they can have a padlock installed to secure the well. These locking well caps are not water tight.

NOTE:  These are for monitoring wells. They are not for water wells with a submersible pump installed in the well. These caps do not provide a port for bringing pump wire out through.
See Lockable Water Well Caps for locking water well use.

Royer aluminum locking well caps $   26.95   4" Locking Cap for use on 4 1/2" OD Pipe
$   42.25   6" Locking Cap for use on 6 5/8" OD Pipe
$   60.95   8" Locking Cap for use on 8 5/8" OD Pipe
$   76.50

10" Locking Cap

for use on 10 3/4" OD Pipe

$ 104.25 12" Locking Cap for use on 12 3/4" OD Pipe
Above Sizes Are Normally Stocked in Denver
Below Sizes are Special Order - Allow Added Delivery Time
$   19.95   2" Locking Cap for use on 2-3/8" O.D. Pipe
$   23.80   3" Locking Cap for use on 3-1/2" O.D. Pipe
$   39.00   5" Locking Cap for use on 5-9/16" O.D.
$   50.50   7" Locking Cap for use on 7" O.D. Pipe


Download Lockable J-Plugs in pdf

TorqueR J-Plugs have no metal parts. Made from engineering grade polymer blend, commonly used to replace steel gears. Resistant to most chemicals, unaffected by freezing or high temperatures. Simple reliable locking system that is easily disassembled in the field for decontamination. High-Tech liquid tight seemless dual rubber gaskets. Accepts either #1 or #3 padlocks. Wing nut for easy grip on and off. Has strong instrument tether on bottom. Bright color for easy well locating, and Made in the U.S.A.

2"  Locking  J-Plug

 1 to 23  24 to 47 48 or more  
$ 11.80 $ 10.60 $   9.55  
$     .95 2" Buna-N Bushing to use 2" J-Plug in the female threaded end of threaded flush joint plastic pipe.

4"  Locking  J-Plug

 1 to 23 24 to 47 48 or more  
$ 16.75 $ 15.00 $ 13.50  
$   1.25 4" Buna-N Bushing to use 4" J-Plug in the female threaded end of threaded flush joint plastic pipe.

$   57.95

6"  Locking  J-Plug
3 Morrison Bros 6" J-Plugs with SS Lock clevis remain.
  $ 125.00 8"  Locking  J-Plug
H-Plug monitoring well lockable plugs.
1"  H-Plug Cap style protector for 1" Sch 80 PVC monitoring well pipe, has a cap that slips over the top to prevent tampering, and a key for tightening the rubber gasket that expands to seal against the internal walls of the pipe. Mfr MWSS Inc.
1 to 23 24 to 47 48 or more  
$ 13.75 $ 12.25 $ 11.00  




Download Snap Sampler Caps in pdf

Snap Sampler Caps are in our Denver inventory. These Female slip-on design locking caps can be put down on top of the pipe and secured with 3 screws, for installation inside manholes. A bold warning symbol for a monitoring / observation well and a space for well identification number is on top of the cap. A standard #1 padlock can easily be used, even in a tight place.

$ 26.00
2" Snap Sampler Well Caps are 4" wide at the widest point and are 3" high.  2SNAPSAMPLER

$ 32.00

4" Snap Sampler Well Caps are 6 1/4" wide at the widest point, and are 3" high. Cap installs 1-11/16" down over your PVC pipe, and then you drill screw holes into the pipe and attach the snap sampler cap base. The cover goes on and turns to secure and expose lock openings. 4SNAPSAMPLER


Download Keyed Alike Padlocks page 83

keyed alike padlocks for monitoring wells $ 18.95 @


Model #1105     Keyed #32278     American Keyed Alike Padlocks are corrosion resistant solid aluminum bodies with an anodized finish for extra durability. Lightweight and spark resistant, these locks feature case hardened, triple plated chrome shackles and cover plates. Once you buy a lock from us, you will always get the same keyed lock when ordering more.

Model #1105
Key #32278

Great for locking monitoring well caps

Keyless locks are used to secure monitoring well caps on limited access area monitoring wells.

$ 11.50 @ #1105NK Keyless locks are ideal for securing lockable well caps on monitoring wells. A hex wrench is used to tighten or remove a hex screw that secures the cable in place. The keyless locks make your monitoring well more limited access.
lockable square well protectors SQUARE PROTECTIVE STEEL RISERS

Download Square Well Protectors page 83

These steel well protectors are made from square steel tubing. The top cap has a heavy duty hinged lid and comes with a hasp for a padlock. These monitoring well protectors are primed and ready to paint if required. Stocked in Denver in both 4" square and 6" square sizes. Overall length is 5' ( 60" ) but they can be cut off at a shorter desired length if necessary.

$  199.00 4" x  4" x  5'  Complete Square Locking Well Protector
$  152.00 6" x  6" x  5'  Complete Square Locking Well Protector


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Prices effective January 24, 2013