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Open tanks being filled from a well pump, need a way to turn on the well pump when the water level drops, and to turn it off when the tank is full. We offer the #9036DG2R mechanical float switch, which mounts to a solid surface at the top of the tank. The wiring goes into it like it would for a pressure switch, but there is no pressure to activate it. We use a 6" copper float on a 5' long rod, with 2 stop collars to activate and deactivate the power to the pump.

When the water level goes down, the weight of the float and rod pull the arm on the switch down, closing the contacts. This sends the power through to the control box for the well pump, turning it on.

When the pump has delivered enough water to make the float rise to the desired level, the stop collar on the rod will push the arm on the mechanical float up, causing the points to open, and breaking the power to the control box.

This system allows you to keep a stock tank or cistern full without the use of a pressure tank to signal the well pump on and off.

This is the #9036DG2R mechanical float switch and the 6" copper ball float, with 1 of 3 sections of rod that make up the 5' long rod, and the 2 stop collars that activate and deactivate the float switch.

The switch above has the arm in the up position, and the contacts are open. This represents the condition that would show the float had risen and shut off the power to the pump. The switch above has the arm in the down position, and the contacts are closed. This represents the switch has been activated with the float to close the contacts sending power to the pump.


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