Water Well Accessories

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Miscellaneous water well accessories covers a lot of items. We offer all the items needed to complete your pump installation, from torque arrestors for in the well, safety rope, cable guards, and many other items.


$   8.95 TA48

Deluxe torque arrestor for 1" and 1-1/4" pipe installs directly above the pump on the water discharge pipe, to keep the submersible pump centered in the well casing. Clamp the bottom of the torque arrestor onto the pipe just above the pump. Slide the top down, expanding the rubber torque arrestor until it gets near the same size as the inside of the well casing. Tighten the top clamp in place, and the torque arrestor is ready to keep your pump centered, while stopping the torque movement that could cause damage to your pump wire. You can use this deluxe torque arrestor on 1" and 1-1/4" drop pipe, and it is suitable for use in wells 4" ID up through 8" well casing.

$ 29.95 TA482

Deluxe torque arrestor for 2" pipe in 6" to 8" well.

for securing your pump to prevent 
pipe separation and pump loss in a well

$ 29.00 SR5

500' reel of 1/4" twisted polypropylene safety rope, tested in excess of 1200 pounds for break strength. Used to prevent pipe separation in a well that would cause your pump to be lost at the bottom of the well. Every pump should have safety rope secured to it before hanging it in the well.

$ 56.00


1000' reel of 1/4" polypropylene safety rope like above.

$ 15.00 STRH6

Steel Rope Hanger for below pitless well cap to hold safety rope in 6" or 6-1/4" well.

to keep drop pipe centered in well
and to prevent damage to pump wire

$ 1.90 DCG4 Deluxe cable guard grips onto 1" drop pipe to stay in place without tape or hose clamps. Will not slip, slide, float, or tilt once in place. Has two snap-in holes to isolate your wire and your safety rope to prevent damage to them.

$ 2.75


Deluxe cable guard grips 1-1/4" drop pipe to keep pump wire and safety rope secure and protected from damage.


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Water Well Accessories

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Prices effective August 1, 2011