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912 Outdoor Burial Sewage Package System Install Instructions

Packaged sewage system to install outdoors, with factory preassembled system.

Dig a hole, drop in the sewage pump system plumbed inside the basin and connect your lines and power. and you are ready to start pumping. What could be easier than that?

Simplex Sewage Pump Package System

The Zoeller #9120082 packaged sewage pump system is designed to be buried outside.

M264 is Zoeller Pump Company's economy sewage pump which is ideal for most home installations.

Check Valve 300201

The 9120082 has a small 18" x 30" tank that works best with a single bathroom system.

The M264 is a 4/10th HP sewage pump with 2" discharge.

Packaged system consists of tank, lid, and pump with internal pipe and union.

You need to purchase check valve #300201.

We recommend purchase of a high water alarm.

The basin is 18" diameter and 30" deep. We offer 12" extensions to place on the top of the basin to bury the basin as much as 36" maximum below the ground surface. Use 3 extensions to bury 36" below ground surface.

The M264 sewage pump will pass 2" spherical solids and comes with a 15 foot cord. The on point is 12-1/2 inches and it turns off at 4-1/2 inches.


Performance chart for M264 Zoeller sewage pump. Pump sewage up to 15 feet high and get 22.5 gallons per minute.

#301201 Sewer Vent

$ 545.50 M264 Zoeller sewage pump and tank package #9120082
@ $   59.25  6" basin extension # 311476
@ $   78.00 12" basin extensions #311473 
( use up to 3 maximum )
$   19.50 Electrical Outlet Plug Cover #613200 to protect from rain fall
$   29.95 Vent for top of basin #301201
$   39.00 2" Cast Iron Sewage Check Valve with Stainless Steel NO Hub Couplings #300201
$ 307.25 M-264   4/10 hp Replacement Sewage Pump Only
watertight-plug-in-box for outdoor pump electrical conncetions. Watertight Plug in Box    $ 176.00

When installing an outdoor sewage basin and pump, you need a water tight box to make your electrical connections. This water tight box has a socket to plug in your piggy back float switch, and then plug the pump into the back of the float switch plug. There is a terminal block that allows you to make connection to your high water alarm float. The Nema 4 enclosure makes your connections protected from the elements. #1007936


This is Zoeller's economy grade simplex package system. We offer systems which may suit your needs better than this package system will. Please call us with you requirements so we can help you pick out the correct system.

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Prices effective July 17, 2014