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Pumptec is used to protect your submersible water well pump from running dry. Pumptec is a solid state device to protect your submersible pump system. Franklin makes most of the submersible pump motors used in water wells. When the water level drops too far, the motor will start to run faster, due to less load on the pump. When the pump motor changes speed, it affects the amp load on the motor leads. Pumptec will interrupt power to the motor whenever load drops below a preset level. After a preset time, Pumptec will restart the motor. This model Pumptec is used on Franklin 2 wire and 3 wire single phase submersible pump motors ranging from 1/3 hp up to 1-1/2 hp. Pumptec can be used on both 115 volt and 230 volt motors. Pumptec is not designed to be used on permanent split capacitor motors or on jet pumps. Do not use Pumptec with a pump system using a Dole flow control valve. Pumptec is also not recommended for low yielding wells where the water cascades down onto the pump.
Pumptec can be set to stay off from 2 minutes up to 90 minutes, when tripped, or can be set for manual reset. This allows your water well to recover to a safe operating level before restarting the pump motor. When Pumptec detects that the motor load has dropped below a preset level for over 4 seconds, Pumptec will interrupt power to the motor and display the tripped condition light. To reset the Pumptec manually, turn off the power supply for 5 seconds, then turn it back on.


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Pumptec Plus is Franklin's deluxe pump motor protection device, offering the ultimate in submersible pump protection by preventing damage due to low yield wells, high and low voltage, a faulty check valve, a water logged pressure tank, sand clogging, cavitation or air lock, rapid cycling, or drop in the water level in the well. Pumptec Plus works on any 230 volt single phase submersible pump motor from 1/2 hp up through 5 hp. Pumptec's patented microprocessor controls sense both over and under voltage, over or under motor amp draw, as well as rapid motor cycling. The automatic restart timer is adjustable from 1 minute to 4 hours. The Pumptec Plus control is suitable for outdoor use and has both run and fault indicator lights.

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