Schedule 80 and Schedule 120 Threaded
PVC Plastic Pressure Pump Water Pipe
for Water Well Pump Setting

Schedule 80 PVC Pressure Pipe and Schedule 120 PVC Drop Pipe are used to set submersible pumps in water wells. Sch 80 PVC Pipe bears the NSF Seal of Certification for potable water. The heavy wall of Schedule 80 PVC enables the pipe to withstand the handling required for deep well installations. The smooth interior improves flow characteristics and cuts friction loss. PVC Pressure Pump Drop Pipe is light weight, approximately one-fourth the weight of galvanized steel pipe. Furnished in 20' lengths with thread protectors for each end, and a threaded coupling shipped separately. PVC drop pipe is not subject to rust, corrosion, or electrolytic deterioration. Schedule 80 PVC drop pipe gives many years of longevity and is more economical than alternative materials.

Set your submersible water well pump in the well using Sch 80 PVC pressure pipe to bring the water from the well pump to the surface or the pitless adapter, where the water will go to your pressure tank system.
Setting the submersible pump, you will need some tools designed to hold the pipe while putting lengths together, and to support the PVC pipe while lowering it into the water well.
See Pipe Setting Clamp Holder and Economy Pipe Elevators that are designed for use up to 1250 lbs total test weight.

White PVC Drop Pipe is used to set a submersible water well pump in a well. Pipe Setting Clamp Pipe Holder is designed to hold up to 3500 lbs of pipe weight.
Pipe Setting Clamp
Designed for PVC
Drop Pipe up to
3500# Non Shock Wt.
Schedule 80 Threaded PVC Water Well Drop Pipe for Setting Pumps Economy Drop Pipe Elevators for PVC Drop Pipe to lower a pump into a well.
Pipe Size O.D. I.D. Wall
100 Feet
Set Depth
1" 1.315" 0.957" .179" 41# cft 600' 1.5 hp
1-1/4" 1.660" 1.278" .191" 56# cft 495' 2.0 hp
2" 2.375" 1.939" .218" 94# cft 400' 7.5 hp

Schedule 120 Threaded PVC Water Well Drop Pipe for Setting Pumps
1-1/4" 1.660" 1.160" .200" 68# cft 590' 2.0 hp
PVC Drop Pipe is threaded on both ends just like galvanized steel pipe. Drop Pipe Economy
Pipe Elevators for use with
PVC Drop Pipe
Schedule 80 PVC Water Drop Pipe in 20' Lengths for Setting Water Well Pumps
Pipe Size With Brass
With Galvanized
With PVC
PVC Drop Pipe Only (No Couplings)
1" $ 1.96 ft $ 1.55 ft $ 1.55 ft $ 1.50 ft
1-1/4" $ 2.59 ft w/SS Coup $ 2.05 ft $ 2.05 ft $ 1.92 ft
Schedule 120 PVC Water Drop Pipe for Setting Pumps Deeper in 20' Lengths
1-1/4" $ 2.50 ft Pipe Only      
Stainless Steel Pipe Couplings and Pipe Fittings for water well pump installation.
Stainless Steel
Pipe Couplings
Are Available

However if you have an order that is over $ 1,000.00 of non-pipe material from our pump catalog
the PVC pipe can travel along FREIGHT PREPAID with the Already Prepaid Order.

1 inch brass ream and drifted style brass coupling with tapered threads.

Poly Coiled Pipe for setting pumps

Galvanized Steel Pipe for Deeper Set Pumps

Pipe for setting water well pumps

Download PVC Drop Pipe in PDF

  Brass Pipe Couplings
for Sch 80 PVC Pipe
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Prices effective October 18, 2013