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Systems Pre-assembled and easy to install

These reverse osmosis water filtration systems are pre-assembled and easy to install. They come complete with installation instructions and accessories. Our reverse osmosis systems use high rejection, thin film membrane that is up to 98% efficient in removing contaminants with a 50 gallon per day treatment capacity. See the feed water requirements table below for details of water supply requirements for reverse osmosis.

Our reverse osmosis units are furnished with a 4 gallon NSF Standard 58 listed and FDA approved polypropylene water storage tank that is rated for up to 100 psi. All pre-filter cartridges, valves, and fittings are included. All the fittings, tubing, housings, valves, cartridges, and membranes are NSF listed or made from NSF approved materials. A Water Quality Association validated 1800 gallon patented automatic shut-off valve is furnished, and is made from NSF listed materials. A lead free, long reach chrome faucet is included. The reverse osmosis system meets State of California requirements. Comes with sump wrench and white aluminum mounting bracket. 

Removes the following minerals and chemicals from the feed water:



$ 205.00

50 gallon per day 4 stage Residential Reverse Osmosis Unit
Pre-assembled for easy installation with complete instructions
Stage 1 Sediment Filter with EFP5  5 micron cartridge
Stage 2 Carbon Taste & Odor Filter with PFCEP10 Carbon Block Cartridge
Stage 3 R.O. Filter with ROK1050  Reverse Osmosis Membrane
Stage 4 PFIC100  Sealed In-Line Carbon Filter with phosphate crystals
Storage Tank 4 gallon capacity with a 2.1 gallon drawdown of useable water.
( Takes approx 2 hours to refill the tank with 2.1 gallons )

$ 230.00
50 gallon per day 5 stage Residential Reverse Osmosis Unit
HROK5 has the same features as the HROK4, plus it has a second Carbon Taste & Odor Filter with a GAC10 activated carbon cartridge.
This unit will be drop shipped to you from the factory.

$ 70.00

Replacement Membrane for 50 gallon per day Units
Fits both units above.


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Prices effective December 13, 2011