Windmills and Hand pumps are stroke units, that stroke a piston in a cylinder to lift water. Fiberglass pump rod and galvanized steel rod are used to connect the plunger in the cylinder to the drive unit above. Dean Bennett Supply stocks galvanized steel pump rod for closed top cylinders, and fiberglass sucker rod for open top working barrel cylinders. We also stock wood rod for your added selection choices. Call Dean Bennett Supply at 800-621-4291 for assistance with all your pumping needs.

Fiberglass Pumping Rod for Windmill pumping systems.
Fiberglass Pumping Rod
for Well Cylinders

Ball plunger for pumping water in an open top working barrel.
3 Leather Ball Plunger
Cylinder Repairs

Open top working barrel cylinder for pumping water with a windmill.

Baker 11 HD hand pumps are the industry standard.
Baker Hand Pumps

Aermotor Windmills are water pumping windmills that are powered by the wind.
Aermotor Windmills

Ranchers' Pipe Holder
for Galvanized Steel

New #681NT Pipe Dog Pipe Lifting Tool is now back in stock.
681NT Pipe Dog for
Galvanized Steel Pipe
Bites on the side.

Galvanized Steel Pumping Rod for windmill and hand pump wells.
Galvanized Steel Pumping Rod
for Hand Pump and Windmill
stroke wells

Flush cap cylinder for pumping water with a windmill or hand pump.

Plunger assembly for regular water pumping cylinder.
2 Leather Plunger
for 442 and A40 Cylinders

711 soft cup leathers for well cylinders swell up to seal inside the cylinder barrel.
711 Soft Cylinder Cup

706 hard cup leathers for well cylinders are usually used in deeper set wells
706 Hard Leather Cups

707 graphited cup leathers for well cylinders are impregnated with graphite. This aids lubrication of the cylinder cups in the well cylinder.
707 Graphite Coated
Leather Cups

Neoprene Cylinder Cup


Windmills and hand pumps both use pump rod to connect to the cylinder pump plunger in the well. We stock galvanized steel rod for cylinders requiring 7/16" rod, 5/8" and 3/4" fiberglass rod for wells requiring 5/8" or 7/8" rod ends, and also wood rod for wells. The Fiberglass is in uniform lengths and the wood rod is in assorted lengths. 

Aermotor windmills pump water with wind power. Dean Bennett Supply has served the windmill customer since 1965.

Aermotor windmills pump water with wind power. Dean Bennett Supply has served the windmill customer since 1965. Call 800-621-4291 today to get help with your windmill, hand pump, pumping cylinder and other windmill system accessories.

Toll Free   1-800-621-4291
Smart Phone Dialable

Galvanized 7/16" steel pump rod is stocked in 21' lengths to match up to 21' galvanized steel pipe. We also stock 7/16" galvanized steel rod in 5' lengths for easier install and less expensive shipping on UPS or FedEx Ground. Galvanized steel pump rod is normally used with 1-1/4" galvanized steel pipe and closed top windmill or hand pump cylinders.

Windmill Catalog Page 60

2.09 ft. 7/16" x 21' 7/16" Galvanized steel pump rod   T & C   in 21' lengths
$ 3.80 ft. 7/16" x 5' 7/16" Galvanized steel pump rod   T & C   in 5' lengths
CALL 1/2" x 21'   1/2" Galvanized steel pump rod   T & C   in 21' lengths

Galvanized solid steel pump rod is stocked in 5', and 21' uniform lengths. Both ends of the solid steel rod are threaded with 7/16" N.C. thread and each length of rod has a 7/16" #720 rod coupling attached. All lengths come 10 to a bundle. Weight is 52 lbs cft. The 5' lengths of rod can be shipped via UPS or Fedex Ground.

Pump rod used to pump water with a windmill or hand pump. Steel pumping rod for connecting cylinder to hand pump or windmill. Fiberglass pumping rod for water well cylinder.


Fiberglass pump rod is stronger for a longer life.

Windmill Catalog Page 60

$ 3.40 ft. 5/8" x 21' 5/8" Heavy Duty fiberglass sucker rod w/electro-plated couplings
Use for 10' windmills set down to 300'
$ 7.75 ft. 5/8" x 7' 5/8" Special 7' lengths of rod that can ship via UPS or FedEx Ground
$ 4.50 ft. 3/4" x 21' 3/4" Fiberglass sucker rod with electro-plated couplings
Use for 12', 14' and 16' windmills. Factory has customers who have used 16'
windmill up to 800' with 1-7/8" cylinder.
Fiberglass sucker rod is the choice of the future. It is non-corrosive, light weight, high strength, and durable. Fiberglass sucker rod is furnished in uniform 21' lengths with electro-plated couplings.
Both sizes are packaged 5 lengths ( 105' ) to a bundle.
The 5/8" fiberglass rod comes with 5/8" box and pin (thread) and weighs 38 lbs cft.
The 3/4" fiberglass rod comes with 7/8" box and pin (thread) and weighs 55 lbs cft.

How to install rod guides on fiberglass pump rod.

Fiberglass rod centralizer for windmill pump rod .

Rod Guide prices

Rod Guides to keep rod from rubbing and bowing in the pipe.

5834RGTOOL  Install tool for placing rod guides onto 5/8" and 3/4" fiberglass rod.  $ 82.00

Rod Guide installation tool for fiberglass rod guides.

Installing rod guides with the rod guide install tool.

View of how to use the fiberglass rod guide installation tool.

The fiberglass rod guide install toll allows you to force the rod guide onto the fiberglass pump rod.



Windmill Catalog Page 60

End fittings for wood pumping rod.

$ 2.99 ft. 1-1/8" 1-1/8"  White ash wood rod with galvanized steel couplings
               ( 5/8" threading )
$ 4.25 ft. 1-3/8" 1-3/8"  White ash wood rod with galvanized steel couplings
               ( 7/8" threading )
Octagon white ash wood sucker rod with galvanized steel couplings and copper rivets comes in random lengths.
The 1-1/8" wood rod has 5/8" box and pin (threads), weighs 50 lbs cft, and comes 9 lengths to a bundle 
( approximately 180' ).
The 1-3/8" wood rod has 7/8" box and pin (threads), weighs 80 lbs cft, and comes 6 lengths to a bundle 
( approximately 120' ).
Wood rod used these couplings to put thread ends on the wood rod. Special Rod Wrenches for use with wood rod end couplings.

These rod wrenches are used to connect wood rod together. The design gives you a secure way to grip the rod couplings to tighten them together.

Rod Wrenches for Wood Rod for 1-1/8" Wood Rod 118RODWRENCH $ 84.00
Rod Wrenches for Wood Rod for 1-3/8" Wood Rod
138RODWRENCH $ 84.00
fiberglass rod holders help you to hold the pump rod while putting another length onto it.

Fiberglass Rod Holders are available in 5/8" and 3/4" sizes.
These go under the rod coupling to support the rod while you put the next piece of rod onto the rod going into the well.

$ 35.00 5/8" Fiberglass Rod Holder for 5/8" Fiberglass Rod
$ 35.00 3/4" Fiberglass Rod Holder for 3/4" Fiberglass Rod


Rod elevator designed for use with wood rod or fiberglass rod that has flats built into the end fittings. Rod Elevator for Wood Rod and Fiberglass Rod
$ 211.00

This custom rod elevator is designed to lift and hold your wood or fiberglass pump rod that has flats, when servicing your windmill well. Spring loaded fingers in the front prevent your rod from sliding forward, making this a very secure method of holding onto the rod while connecting the next length of rod to the rod in the well. The heavy metal bail is designed to be secure with either the wood rod which has flats on the area below the coupling, or with fiberglass rod that has flats on the coupling. Our rod elevator is rated for up to 1200 pounds of non shock weight.


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Windmill and Hand Pump Cylinders

Windmill pumping rod, known as sucker rod, which is used to connect the windmill, hand pump, or pump jack to the
well cylinder in the bottom of your well to pump water. Sucker rod is available in fiberglass rod with steel end fittings,
galvanized steel rod with steel rod couplings, and in wood rod with galvanized steel end thread fittings.

Prices effective July 30, 2013

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