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Submersible water well pumps require submersible pump electric wire that can be placed in water without a problem. We offer
KALAS "ICE BLUE" submersible pump wire. The majority of submersible water well pumps require four wires for installation. There is a red, black, yellow and green ground wire, encased in a flat very flexible blue jacket to keep the wires compact going into the well. Order your submersible pump electrical wire today.  We stock heat shrink splice kits that protect the splice joint from water in the well. Dean Bennett Supply offers all the well parts you will need to complete your water well system.



Submersible water well pumps need electric wire capable of use in under water situations. We stock 3 wire plus ground submersible pump cable, as well as 2 wire plus ground pump cable. The following chart shows the maximum distance in feet you can go from the power source, where the meter supplies the electrical power, to the submersible pump motor in the well. This includes the UF burial cable from the power source to the well head, and the distance down into the well with the submersible pump wire. If you are near the figure shown, moving up to the next size will help to protect against being on the limit. The chart is for use of AWG copper wire.

You may also need: Wire Cutters, Water Tight Wire Spice Kit, Electrical Tape and a Fuse Box




Motor Rating Cable Size / Maximum run in feet
HP Voltage #12 #10 #8 #6 #4 #2
1/2 115V 160'   250'   390'   620'   960' 1460'
1/2 230V 650' 1020' 1610' 2510' 3880' 5880'
3/4 230V 480'   760' 1200' 1870' 2890' 4370'
1 230V 400'   630'   990' 1540' 2380' 3610'
1-1/2 230V 310'   480'   770' 1200' 1870' 2850'
2 230V 250'   390'   620'   970' 1530' 2360'
3 230V 190'   300'   470'   750' 1190' 1850'
5 230V     0'   180'   280'   450'   710' 1110'
Pump wire is sized all the way from the power panel where the meter supplies the power, out to the well, and down to the pump in the well.

Twisted Type TW Thermoplastic PVC Submersible Pump Cable - UL Approved for use with 3 wire pumps, this wire has the 4th wire as a ground. Stocked in 500' and 1000' reels. Color coded - Red, Yellow, Black, and Green Ground.

Full Length Price Cut Length Price        
$  .88 $1.18 Stocked in 500' & 1000' Reels 12-3 w/ground  
$1.27 $1.72 Stocked in 500' & 1000' Reels 10-3 w/ground  
$2.19 $2.96 Stocked in 500' & 1000' Reels 8-3 w/ground  
$  .65 $  .87 Stocked in 500' & 1000' Reels 12-2w/ground  
$1.00 $1.35 Stocked in 500' & 1000' Reels 10-2 w/ground  
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