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Ultraviolet Light Water Disinfection Systems are an effective way to provide yourself with bacteria free water, without the taste and odors from the use of chlorine or other chemicals. Water entering the disinfection chamber flows in the space between the quartz sleeve and the chamber wall. Turbulent flow through the unit insures exposure of bacteria and micro-organisms to lethal dosages of ultraviolet rays. Water exiting the chamber is safe and ready for use. These UV units are completely automatic, compact and easy to install, require no chemicals, have low operating costs, require a low amount of maintenance, and add no taste or odors to your water supply. A standard sediment filter should be installed before the ultraviolet unit.

The UV lamp is rated for 9,000 hours of continual use. After that period of time, the UV lamp has undergone a photochemical change. While the lamp will not normally be burned out, the lamp quartz may no longer emit the 254 nm shortwave UV to effectively kill bacteria. Failure to replace the UV lamp after 9,000 hours, may cause a bacteriological breakthrough. In units ran intermittently instead of continuously, the lamp must be changed after 24 months of use, regardless of the hours of use.


Ecomony ultraviolet light system for water disinfection without using chemicals that can also contaminate drinking water.

UVSL8  Safe Lite Economy Ultraviolet Disinfection System

$ 445.00     This UV water treatment system treats up to 8 gallons per minute of water flow and is our most economical residential unit. The chamber is electro-polished Type 304 stainless steel. This UV water treatment unit is powered by a wall mounted ballast with a lamp on indicator and has an 8 gpm flow control to insure total treatment and disinfection of water flowing thru the unit.

$ 82.00    UV Lamp for Model UVSL8
$ 52.00    UVSL8 Replacement Quartz Sleeve


UV15SE  15 GPM Standard Series
Ultraviolet System with Alarm

$ 835.00     The UV15SE ultraviolet water treatment unit treats up to 15 gallons per minute of water flow. The treatment chamber is electro-polished Type 304 stainless steel and is designed for wall mounting. The UV unit has a sight port for safe viewing of the operation of the unit. A 15 gpm flow control valve is furnished to assure treatment of the entire water flow. The UV15SE has an electronic "lamp out" circuit board that provides a visual and audible alarm when a lamp outage occurs. This UV unit also has an ON / OFF indicator light. The unit has an auxiliary output terminal for connection of an optional solenoid, which can shut off the water flow if the light fails.

UV15W  15 GPM Standard Series
Ultraviolet System with Internal Wiper



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