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Water Filter Housing for use with water filter elements that are easily changed.

Water Filter Elements for filtering out sediment and rust from water. 

 Water Filter Element that is used to filter out water taste and odor.


PFC1 Dual Purpose Carbon Impregnated Cellulose filter cartridge.




Standard single cartridge water filters have a clear transparent sump, a black head with 3/4" female pipe threads for both inlet and discharge, and measure 5-1/8" wide x 12-1/2" high. These are adequate for a maximum of 10 gallons per minute service flow rate, and are rated for 125 psi pressure.

Dirt and Rust Sediment Filters

$ 42.65


Single filter Dirt and Rust sediment filters. This complete water filter comes with one WP5 replacement cartridge that will trap sediment down to 5 microns in size.

$   8.50


Mounting Bracket for Standard 3/4" Filter Housing Caps w/ bosses.

$   5.95


Spanner Wrench for 3/4" Standard Filter Housings

$   3.15


The WP5 dirt and rust sediment filter element is wound polypropylene. These are the proper elements for use when replacing the old element of the filter above.
Superior to the common pleated paper, these filter elements remove smaller particles. The polypropylene cord is wound around the core in a precise pattern that ensures a high efficiency rate, and a high dirt loading capacity. WP5 elements are 9-7/8" long, and will fit most single cartridge standard water filter housings.

$   2.95

WP5 Case

Case of 24 WP5 sediment dirt and rust filter elements.

Taste and Odor Charcoal Filters

$ 52.60


Complete Taste and Odor removal filter comes with one GAC10 replaceable cartridge designed to reduce or eliminate most unwanted taste and odors such as chlorine.

$ 13.10


The GAC10 canister style cartridge is
9-7/8" high, and filled with lignite based granular carbon. The water enters the cartridge from the base of the canister and must travel through the entire charcoal bed before exiting at the top with 20 micron filtering. This filtration technique maximizes contact time with the carbon to insure optimal contaminant absorption.
$   7.70 PFC1 9-7/8" Dual Purpose Carbon Impregnated Cellulose Cartridge is a dual purpose cartridge providing taste / odor / chlorine reduction plus sediment filtration as well. This is an excellent "polishing" filter when used in process or closed loop systems. Designed for maximum dirt holding capacity, Available in 5 micron only.
$ 31.70 PFCBR210 1/2 micron Carbon Block Multimedia 9-3/4" cartridge removes both metals and chemicals with a single cartridge at 1 GPM flow. An acid washed carbon block cartridge removes unpleasant taste and odors plus greatly reduces the amounts of dissolved heavy metals and the taste of chlorine. It will remove lead up to 96% and mercury up to 98%. This cartridge will remove up to 99% of giardia and crytoporidium cysts and super fine sediment particles down to 1/2 micron in size.
Double length water filter housing to use longer filter elements to filter higher volume of water.


These double cartridge length filters have an opaque blue sump with a black head. The head of the filter housing has 3/4" female iron pipe threaded inlet and discharge. Unit measures about 5-1/8" wide x 22-3/8" long. These are adequate for a maximum 20 gallons per minute service flow rate. Housing has a 125 psi pressure rating.

$ 60.70


Double Dirt and Rust Filter comes with two WP5 replaceable cartridges that are connected together by a plastic splice. The splice can be reused many times.
Buy replacement WP5 cartridges above.

$   9.20 EFWP520

20" double length cartridge filter element same as WP-5 filters above except 20" long.

$ 80.40


Double Taste and Odor Filter comes with a single 20" GAC20 cartridge.

$ 28.90


20" long canister style cartridge is filled with granular carbon, just like the GAC10 above.


These large diameter cartridge filters have an opaque blue sump with a black top. The inlet and outlet are 1-1/2" female pipe thread. Housing measures 7-1/4" x 13-5/8" long. The high capacity water filters are adequate for 25 gallons per minute maximum flow at pressure of up to 100 psi.

High Capacity Water Filter and water filter elements for higher flow and filtration of larger water contaminants.
$ 83.50


High Capacity Sediment Filter comes complete with a single R50BBS replaceable cartridge that will trap sediment down to 50 microns.
Comes with a spanner wrench

$ 17.80 R50BBS

High Capacity Jumbo Sediment Filter Elements are pleated polyester fabric. The R50BBS filter element is 4-1/2" diameter x 10" long.

$   9.00


Spanner Wrench for Large Diameter Filter Housings.

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