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Threaded Brass Pipe Nipples for water system plumbing.
Brass Pipe Nipples

Pitless adapters are used to discharge a submersible water well pump below ground
Pitless Adapters

Water well parts are the parts you need to complete your water well pump system. We stock a full selection of all the well parts you need for your water well pump installation. Get all your water well parts and accessories in one place. Well parts include water well pressure tanks, pressure tank fitting kits, check valves, well caps and well seals, pitless adapters, water meters, submersible pump wire and electrical splice kits, pressure switches, BW water level controls, Dole valves and safety rope.

Stainless Steel Pipe Nipples for first class plumbing of a water system.
Stainless Steel Pipe Nipples

Brass Foot Valves are check valves with a screen for on the end of a suction line for a jet pump or centrifugal pump.
Brass Foot Valves

Water Well Pump Accessories for installing and maintaining a submersible water well pump.
Brass Check Valves for submersible water well pumps.
Brass Check Valve

1 inch brass ream and drifted style brass coupling with tapered threads.
Brass Coupling

Stainless Steel Pipe Couplings for water well pump installation.
Stainless Steel Coupling

Stainless steel pitless adapter for setting a water well submersible pump.
Stainless Steel Pitless Adapters

Water pressure tanks control the on and off cycles of a submersible pump.
Water Pressure Tanks

Water pressure tank fitting kit for plumbing a water pressure tank.
Brass Water Tank Fitting Kit

Heat shrink splice kits are used to connect the submersible motor leads to the submersible pump wire underwater.
Heat Shrink Wire Connector Kit has stakons and heat shrink for a water tight connection.

Special water pressure tank fittings kit for drain back systems where the water line drains back to prevent freezing.
Special Fitting Kit for Standard
Drain Back Well Systems.

Water Filter Housing for filtering water for a home.
Water Filters for homes

Sediment filter element for filtering dirt and rust from water.Granular Carbon Water Filtering Element for removing Taste and Odor from drinking water.
Water Filter Elements

Pressure reducing valves control the amount of pressure on a water line.
Pressure Reducing Valves

Brass Ball Valves are used a a positive shut off for a water line.
Brass Water Valves

Insert barbed fittingsd to connect poly flexible water pipe to a submersible pump in the well.
Brass Insert Fittings for Poly Pipe installation.

Brass Check Valves
Brass check valves are used to prevent the water in your pump pipe from leaking
back down the well. Use one check valve within 21' of the top of the pump, and one every 120' to 140' above the first check valve.

Stainless Steel Check Valves

Threaded Brass Couplings
Threaded Brass Couplings are female threaded on both ends to connect pipe together for setting a submersible pump in a well.

Stainless Steel Pipe Couplings

Brass Threaded Hex Bushing
Threaded Brass Hex Bushing for stepping soen from one size to another, has male threads on the outside and female threads on the inside, and a hex top for the wrench.

Stainless Steel Hex Bushing

Threaded Brass Pipe Nipples
Threaded Brass Pipe Nipples are available in varying sizes and have male pipe thread on both ends to connect pipe fittings.

Stainless Steel Pipe Nipples

Brass Foot Valves
Brass foot valves are used to keep a line full of water for a suction type pump installation.

Pitless Adapters
Pitless adapters are used to discharge from a submersible pump underground to avoid coming out the well top.

Stainless Steel Pitless Adapters
are now also available

Well Seals and Well Caps
Well seals are used when your pump discharge pipe comes out of the top of the well.

Well caps are used on pitless wells where the pump discharge pipe exits the well underground.

Well seals are used to bring pipe up from a submersible water well pump through the top of the well.Pitless well caps are designed for submersible pump wells where the pump discharges below the ground through a pitless adapter.
Well Seal for out top and well cap for out below ground.

Stainless Steel Well Accessories

These products are verified by CSA International to California Health and Safety Code 116875 (AB 1953-2006) and Vermont Bill S.152 "An Act Related to the prevention of Lead Poisoning by Exposure to Lead in Consumer Products" shall also be subject to the safety requirements of the local inspection authorities having jurisdiction.

Air-E-Tainer Pressure Tanks
Pressure tanks give you a steady pressure range that allows you to use water without the need for the pump to turn on each time you call for water. You should buy a pressure tank that will have a draw down of at least 1 minute of run time when the pump turns on, based on your pumps gpm capacity.

Deluxe Tank Fittings Kit
We offer long tank cross fitting packages that have everything needed to plumb you water pressure tank up.

Stainless Steel Tank Fittings Kits
are also available

BW Electrode Pump Protection
BW Relay and Electrode systems use 3 electrodes in your well to control your pump. 1 electrode is below the pump as a liquid ground. The next electrode from the bottom with be the sensor that you are nearly out of water in the well, and will turn off the power to your pump. The third electrode is up higher in the well to a point where the well must recover water level to, before the relay can reset and allow your pump to return to service.

PumpTec Well Protection
Low producing water well systems have a risk of running out of water when pumped for long periods of time. Franklin's PumpTec is a control that senses amperage change caused by starting to pump air.  When you start to run out of water, the motor runs faster since it is under a lighter load. The PumpTec senses this change in speed by an amperage change and turns off the pump, preventing damage.

BW Cistern Water Level Control for keeping cistern full.
This BW control will signal your well pump to turn on and off to keep a cistern full of water. The system uses 3 electrodes like the unit above, but the upper electrode turns off the pump, and the second electrode down is the one that signals the pump to turn on. The third electrode on the bottom is your liquid ground.

Submersible Pump Wire
Submersible Pump Wire is used to connect the submersible pump motor in the well, to the power wires coming to the well.

UF Burial Wire Cable
UF Burial wire is used to connect the electrical power from the house to the water well. The protective shell keeps the wire safe when buried in a trench with the water lines.

Heat Shrink Splice Kit
The Heat Shrink Splice Kit is stakons for connecting
submersible pump wire to the submersible pump motor leads
and heat shrink tubes that seal over the stakons to
make a water proof electrical connection under water.

Dole Flow Control Valves
Dole valves are metered flow controls. Installed in your water line, they look like a coupling, but the through flow is controlled by a metered orifice that controls the maximum flow of water through the pipe. Dole Valves are stocked in 3/8" up through 1" sizes.

Drain Back Fittings Kit
Standard pressure tanks require different plumbing. This kit will
give you the fittings necessary to plumb a standard pressure
tank for use with a drain back system.

Water Filters & Elements
Water filters and water filter elements are used to remove sediment and dirt from your water, or to remove taste and odor.

Pressure Switches
Pressure switches are sold in ranges that vary 20 psi between the on psi and the off psi. This will help to give you an even pressure range from your water pressure system.

Pressure Reducing Valves
Pressure reducing valves protect pump systems from producing too much pressure and damaging pipe.

Water Meters
Water meters are used to assess how much water is being pumped over a period of time.

Brass Water Valves
Brass water valves are placed in the water line to control water flow during times of maintenance.

Electrical Disconnect & Fuses
Electric motors should use a disconnect box with fuses that makes power disconnect easy for pump servicing.

Brass Insert Fittings
Brass insert fittings are used with poly pipe to convert to a pipe thread for on the ends of the poly pipe.

Misc. Well Accessories
Torque arrestors, safety rope, and cable guards are miscellaneous well accessories that improve your well pump installation. The torque arrestor prevents cable damage at the pump from torque movement. Safety rope offers you a secure way to recover a pump that has a pipe failure in the well. Without safety rope, you must pull up on the electrical wire, which may cause the wire splice to come apart when pulling up on the wire cable. 

Torque Arrestor for shock absorption above a submersible pump in a well.Safety Rope for protection against losing a submersibe water well pump in a well.
Torque Arrestor and Safety Rope for Pump Installation

Flint and Walling Water Well Submersible Pumps, Centrifugal and Self Priming Sprinkler Pumps, Jet Pumps and Water System Accessories
Flint and Walling Water Well Submersible Pumps, Centrifugal and Self Priming Sprinkler Pumps, Jet Pumps and Water System Accessories are all available from Dean Bennett Supply where we welcome the Do-it-yourself installer. Call 1-800-621-4291 to select your well supplies.


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Stainless Steel submersible pump water well check valves.
Stainless Steel Check Valve

Brass Threaded Hex Bushing for reducing size.
Brass Hex Bushing

Stainless Steel Hex Bushing for reducing from one size pipe down to a smaller size pipe.
Stainless Steel Hex Bushing

Pitless adapters are used to discharge a submersible water well pump below ground to protect from freezing.
Brass Pitless Adapters

Stainless Steel Water Pressure Tank Fittings Kit for plumbing your water pressure tank for home pressure.
Stainless Steel Water Pressure Tank Fitting Kit

BW electrode systems are used to protect a water well pump from running dry and becoming damaged.
BW Relay for Well Protection

BW Electrodes are hung in a well to control turning off a pump before running out of water.
BW Electrodes for water level signal to the controller.

Submersible Pump Wire for connecting the submersible pump to the electrical power.
Submersible Pump Wire

 Burial wire brings power from the power source to a well underground.
UF Burial Wire for underground power line to the well.

Dole Flow Control Valves are metering valves to restrict flow to a specific gallons per minute flow.
Dole Flow Control Valves

Pressure Switches are used to control on and off pressure ranges for a submersible water well pump.
Pressure Switches

Water Meters are used to record the flow through a water meter.
Water Flow Meter

Electrical Fuse Disconnect Box is used to disconnect power from the main power to the submesible pump power.
Fuse Disconnect Box