Heat Tracing Cable can protect your roof and gutters from damage from snow and ice buildup on the edges of your home eaves. WinterGard Wet heat tracing cable is ideal heat tape for protecting the roof of your home from damage. The same high quality heating cable can be used on exposed water pipes to protect them from freezing, too. The outer protective layer is waterproof and the layers of heat trace cable construction all keep your heat tracing cable in good condition longer.
H612- Wintergard Wet Heat Trace Cable is designed to protect your roof and gutters from damage from snow and ice buildup.
H612 WinterGard Heat Tape is waterproof heat tracing cable, for roofs and gutters, as well as for water pipes that are exposed to freezing temps.

Roof eaves and overhang can be damaged easily by snow and ice buildup.
Ice buildup can damage roof edges and
storm gutters. Protect them with the
WinterGard Wet heat tape.

Wintergard Wet H612 heat trace cable will keep your roof and gutters safe from ice and snow damage.
WinterGard Wet H612 120V 6 Watt Per Foot Heat Tape is ideal for protecting your home roof against damage from snow and ice buildup.

Electronic heat tape temperature controller to control on and off temperature points.
ELECTRONIC TEMPERATURE CONTROL for Heat Tape Temperature Control

120V Electronic Temperature Control Electronic Temperature Control unit has a temperature differential range of 1 Degree F to 30 Degrees F. Unit can control temperatures from -30F to 220F, however you will not need the range capabilities of this control for use with heat tape for on your roof or on water pipes.

Thermocube Heat Tape Thermostat for controlling power to your heat tape run.
Avoid Cold Weather Problems

Thermo Cube is a device which plugs into a standard GFI protected 120V AC outlet to automatically control turning power on and off for heat tape or stock tank heaters. By plugging the device into the Thermo Cube, when the air temperature reaches 35 degrees F, the Thermo Cube will turn on the power. When the Air temperature gets up to 45 degrees F, the power will turn off. This makes your heat tape more efficient to operate, since you are not having to run the power all the time. According to the manufacturer, you can use the Thermo Cube to control heat tape or stock tank heaters that are rated up to 1800 watts maximum or 15 amps total on 120V GFI protected circuits.

TC3 is 3-1/4" wide and 1-3/8" high and 1" thick, and has place for two 3 prong plugs to plug into it.

TC3                                  $ 23.00
Thermo Cube Heat Tape Thermostat


6 Watt - H612

Roof & Gutter

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H612- Wintergard Wet Heat Trace Cable is designed to protect your roof and gutters from damage from snow and ice buildup.

WinterGard Wet heat tape is designed for use at 120V using 6 watts per foot in a length as long as 150' of heat tape for roof and gutter deicing. The jacketing over the metal braid is to protect against water damage, allowing you to install this in wet locations. Depending on the temperature you must protect against, the following information applies. WinterGard Wet is designed to keep ice and snow from building up along the edge of your roof and in gutters and down spouts.

The Raychem WinterGard Wet heat tracing cable is a professional grade 6 watt per foot, self regulating electric heat cable. H612 WinterGard Wet heat tracing cable is designed to protect water pipes from freezing, and to protect roof and gutter deicing in light commercial and residential locations. The electrical heat tracing cables are constructed of nickel-copper bus wires, a self regulating conductive core, and an insulating jacket, a tinned-copper braid and an outer polyolefin jacket. The benefits of using Raychem WinterGard Wet self regulating heat cable are:

The WinterGard Wet heating cable can be overlapped without burning itself out.

The WinterGard Wet H612 heating cable can be cut to length.

The jacket on the WinterGard Wet heating cable is waterproof making it great for use in wet locations.

The H612 WinterGard Wet heating trace cable will not overheat roofing materials or plastic gutter materials.

$   4.75 ft WinterGard Wet H-612 Heat Tape 120V 6 watt per foot heat tracing cable.
$   59.25 WinterGard Wet Plug Kit w/GFI H908 has a built in ground fault indicator. Plug kit comes with 1 Gel Filled End Cap.
  13.75 WinterGard Wet Tape & Labels H903 is a very sticky tape that will not come loose when the heat from the cable is on. The tape does not get slimy like some tape used to secure the heat tape will.
  13.25 Gel Filled End Kits ( 2 ends ) H912 are used to terminate the end of the heat tape.
$   16.50 10 Pack Roof Clips H-913 for securing heat tape on your roof.
$   55.00 50 Pack Roof Clips H-914 for attaching the heat trace cable on your roof.
$   15.00 Down Spout Hanger Brackets H-915
$   15.25 Splice & Tee Kit ( Waterproof ) H-910
$ 290.50 Roof Top Snow Sensing Switch LCD1

WinterGard Wet Heat Tape for Roof & Gutter Deicing

WinterGard WET 120V 6 watt per foot heat tape is used to keep snow and ice from building up on eave troughs and roof edges.

How to design your roof and gutter deicing system:

Calculate the length of heat tape needed. Take the number of feet of roof edge times the figure from the chart below. Add the total length of the gutter and down spout. Add 1' for the power connector.

Example:     Overhang of 12", roof edge of 70' with 40' gutter  and 15' of down spout. The 12" overhang calls for 2' of roof heating tape cable for every foot of roof edge, so 70' x 2 = 140' plus 40' for the gutter length, equals 180' of roof heating cable, plus 15' of down spout equals 195'. Since we are over the maximum length allowed on one circuit, we must split this into 2 heating circuits. Assuming your system will start protecting when the temperature drops below 40 degrees F, we can make one roof heat cable on a 20 amp breaker circuit, and the second roof heat cable on a 15 amp breaker circuit. The roof edge calculated to 140' of roof heating cable plus 1' for the power connection, so we will make this the 20 amp circuit which could have been a maximum of 150' in total cable length. The second heating tape cable can be on a 15 amp circuit because it is shorter than 125', since the gutter is 40', plus 15' of down spout, and 1' for the power connector plus 3' for a tee splice for a down spout, or a total of 59' of gutter and down spout heating tape cable. 
The Maximum run at 40 degrees F start up temperature is 150' on a 20 amp circuit, and 125' on a 15 amp circuit.

WinterGard Wet Cable Length for Roof Deicing
Proper layout for heat tracing cable for on your roof to protect against ice buildup.

Roof Overhang Tracing Width Tracing Height Feet of Heating Cable 
per foot of roof edge
12" Eave 2' between loops 18" up from edge 2' per foot of edge
24" Eave 2' between loops 30" up from edge 3' per foot of edge
36" Eave 2' between loops 42" up from edge 4' per foot of edge

Wintergard Wet 230V Heat Tape

WinterGard Wet 230V heating cable is a professional-grade, 6 watt per foot, self-regulating electrical heat cable that can be used to protect pipe from freezing, or can be used for roof deicing. The heating cable has a construction of nickel-copper bus wires, a self-regulating conductive core, an insulated jacket, a tinned copper braid and an outer jacket of polyolefin. There are several advantages to the Wintergard wet self-regulating heat tape. It can be overlapped, you can cut it to length without burn out, it saves energy and it will not overheat roofing material or gutters when used to deice your roof.
WinterGard Wet 230V can be used up to 350 feet to protect pipes for temperatures down to 0 degrees. You can also use it for gutters in lengths up to 250 feet. 

WinterGard Wet 230V #WGWHT230xCUT                                                $ 5.38 ft.

WinterGard H900 Power Connection Kit

The WinterGard H900 Power Connection Kit can be used to hard wire your heat tape to the power supply line. This kit can be used with WinterGard 3 Watt 120V heat tape, WinterGard 6 Watt 120V heat tape, Wintergard Wet 6 Watt 120V heat tape and WinterGard Wet 6 Watt 230V heat tape. Do not use with aluminum feed wires. Kit contains one power connection and one end seal.

WinterGard H900 Power Connection Kit                                                    $ 27.25



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