Zoeller sump pumps are known for their quality. The M53 Zoeller sump pump is a 3/10 hp effluent sump pump that passes  1/2 inch solids. The Zoeller sump pumps are an efficient water discharge pump used to keep basements dry. Placed in a drain sump, the M53 sump pump discharges through a 1-1/2" discharge connection to a water discharge line up to 19' of head total. Best performance is with a total up distance of 10 feet or less to the gravity flow line. The M-53 sump pump is our most popular automatic sump pump - with an attached float that activates a Nema 6 two pole mechanical float switch built into the top of the pump. The M-53 has a 9 cord and is 115 volt power with a 9.7 amp draw. The M53 sump pump is activated at 7-1/4" of water level, and turns off at 3" of water.

M53 Automatic Zoeller Sump Pump for pumping dirty water.


Small dewatering system for under bar sink or basement laundry sink.
Drain Pump Packaged System

Keep your crawl space dry with a Zoeller crawl space dewatering pump.
Crawl Space Dewatering
Pump and slotted basin
package has the M53 pump.

18" x 22" deep sump pump basin with Radon sealed lid
18' x 22" deep sump pump tank
with Radon sealed lid.

Sump Pump

$ 157.25


    Zoeller M53
Sump Effluent Pump
  Head Feet GPM  
    5.0' 43 GPM  
  10.0' 34 GPM  
  15.0' 19 GPM  
  19.0'   0 GPM  

The Zoeller M53 Sump Effluent Pump weighs 22 lbs. and comes with a 9 foot power cord for 115 volt power. The float on the side makes this sump pump automatic.

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