Concerned about a pump failure when lots of water is coming into your sump pump basin? If you have a minimum sixe 30" x 36" basin to accommodate 2 pumps, Zoeller offers the Smart Pak Plus Alternator system. The Smart Pak Plus alternator system is a unit that turns 2 automatic sump pumps or 2 automatic sewage pumps, into a duplex pumping system. When a pump fails to start, The Smart Pak Plus Alternator high water float activates the sound and light alarm and sends signal to the second pump to start. The Smart Pak Plus also alternates the operation of the 2 pumps. This can extend the life of the pumps because they only run every other time. When a pump fails, the Smart Pak Plus alerts you so you can get the problem corrected before it causes further problems. Are you ready for the peace of mind that comes from having a backup to your sump pump or sewage pump when a problem occurs? Zoeller offers the solutions for your sump effluent pumping system and your home sewage pump system. Dean Bennett Supply is your source for the sump and sewage pumps that will take care of the waste water problems you have. Call us at 800-621-4291 for help selecting the proper pump for your sump or sewage pumping needs.

Zoeller Pump Company has the right pump for you. Whether you are pumping sewage or just effluent sump water, call Dean Bennett Supply at 800-621-4291 to select the right pump for you.



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The Zoeller Smart-Pak Plus Residential Alternator System allows you to use 2 automatic sump or sewage pumps in a residential duplex system. The Smart-Pak Plus allows you to plug two
1/2 hp 115V, 12 amp max. automatic sump or sewage pumps into the control. The control then alternates starting of the pumps. When a pump fails to start, a signal is sent to start the second pump and the high water alarm is activated. The alarm has a warning light and sound alarm. Alarm alerts you for high water, loss of power and pump failure conditions. Smart Pak Plus has a battery to operate the alarm for limited time during power outage.

The Smart-Pak Plus is easy to install. Install the control unit on the wall near the pumps where the cord lengths will reach. Install the alarm float on the discharge pipe in the basin above the point where the pumps should be on, and below the inlet for the water. Connect the alarm float switch cord and plug in the pump cords into the appropriate places on the alternator. Plug the power cord into a properly grounded outlet.

Smart Pak Plus Alternator  

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Zoeller Smart Pak Plus Residentail Pump Alternator

Zoeller Smart Pak Plus Residential Alternator System for alternating 2 pumps.

Typical install for the Zoeller Smart Pak Plus Residential Alternator System.

Typical installation of the Zoeller Smart Pak Plus Residential Sump Pump Alternator System

Face plate of the Smart Pak Plus Alterantor.

Smart Pak Plus Alternator Face show light indicators that show which pump is operating, power is on, and high water alarm activated.

Sump Pump Plugs Recepticals on the Smart Pak Plus Alternator.

The two plugs on the top of the Smart Pak Plus Alternator are for plugging two 1/2 HP 115 V sump pumps into that have 12 amps max each.



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