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Control Panels
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The States of CT, RI, ME, IL, VT, MN, NY, MA, & CA can not use mercury floats - must buy special floats

#10-0092   "E-Pak"  is an electrical alternator duplex pump control panel that will control the operation of a two pump sewage or dewatering system. Price includes three #01-1832 Zoeller sensor floats which allows you to alternate the operation of the two pumps, operate both pumps at the same time in a high water condition and activate the high water alarm if there is a high water condition that both pumps running can not control. The E-Pak alternator control panel has a Nema 1 enclosure for inside use. Both the duplex control panel and sensor floats are UL listed. Alarm system has both a visual light and an audible horn. Built-in circuit breakers, HOA switches and pump running indicator lights are all included in the "E-Pak"

Duplex Pump Control Panel for 2 sewage pump system.
Duplex Control Panel

Open panel for the duplex controller to see inside.
Open Duplex Control Panel

hanger bracket for float switches or sensor floats
4 Float Hanging Bracket
for sensor and float switches.

Indoor high water alarm.
Indoor High Water Alarm

Cable Weights are used to control the positioning of the sensor float in a sewage basin.
Cable Weight for float switches and sensor control floats

Outdoor high water alarm package.
High Water Alarm Package

Inside High Water Alarm

Low water alarm for cistern water level alert.
Low Water Alarm Package


$ 741.00

"E-Pak" includes 3 sensor floats and an alarm system. Rated for 16 amps maximum for use with pumps at either 115 volts or 230 volts. This is a Nema 1 enclosed duplex pump controller for use indoors only.

$ 821.00

Just like the above  duplex control panel, except that 10-0093 is a Nema 4X Outdoor enclosure for use up to 20 amps with either 115V or 230V, and has a warning light.

The States of CT, RI, ME, IL, VT, MN, NY, MA, & CA can not use mercury floats - must buy special floats

$ 176.00

Tank Alert(R) XT  Indoor / Outdoor High Water Alarm Package has a rugged weatherproof thermo-plastic enclosure that allows for an outdoor installation. The high water alarm package includes a 15' sensor float switch, a loud horn and a warning light. It also includes an optional terminal block that allows for the
incoming power line, pump power cord and alarm sensor floats to be connected in an outdoor rated enclosure.

$ 219.00
The #1009214 high water alarm is like the #1005481 except it has auxiliary contacts that can be used to wire to a remote alarm or to the auto dialer system.
$   92.00
Tank Alert(R) I Alarm Package is designed for
indoor use and is a high water warning device. It comes with a 15' sensor float switch, has a loud horn and a warning light. Nema 1 enclosure.
$ 180.00
Tank Alert(R) XT Indoor / Outdoor Low Water Alarm Package with drinking water float warns you of a low water
condition such as your cistern being empty. The Low Water Alarm Package helps to protect against running out of water in a cistern and damaging the pump that pumps out of the cistern.
Tank Alert(R) I Indoor Low Water Alarm Package with drinking water float is the same as above except it is a indoor only alarm that will alert you when you have a low water condition.

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