Zoeller Sewage Grinder Pumps and Grinder Sewage Pump Packages are ideal for home improvement and for new construction where the sewage main is too far for a standard sewage pump to pump sewage to. Grinder sewage pumps grind up the sewage to pump it longer distances and at higher head pressure than a standard sewage pump can overcome. Dean Bennett Supply is your best source for sewage grinder pumps and grinder sewage pump packages for indoor and outdoor burial installations.

Zoeller Pump Company has the right pump for you. Whether you are pumping sewage or just effluent sump water, call Dean Bennett Supply at 800-621-4291 to select the right pump for you.


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Dean Bennett Supply Company has been in business since 1965. We sell Aermotor windmills, Flint and Walling submersible, jet, and centrifugal water well pumps, as well as Zoeller sump and sewage pumps.
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#820 SHARK Series 
ZOELLER Sewage Grinder Pump

The Zoeller Shark Grinder Sewage Pump is a completely automatic pump with starting controls built right into the pump case. Control panels are not required for operation. Durable heavy duty finned cast iron construction. The cutters are protected from abrasive solids. Legs provide for a free standing installation. Easily adapts to a rail system installation. Oil filled hermetically sealed motor with class B windings, carbon ceramic mechanical shaft seal, automatic thermal overload protection and stainless steel screws, bolts and lifting handle.


Total Head in Feet
Gallons Per Minute

5' - 40'
48 gpm

45 gpm

37 gpm
30 gpm
20 gpm
10 gpm
2 gpm
Zoeller Shark sewage grinder pump for sewage maseration.

Zoeller Shark 915
Series Residential


Shark series sewage grinder pumps from Zoeller.

   $ 1545.00

Full Freight Prepaid

WD-820 Automatic Grinder Pump
2 Horsepower 230 volt single phase motor
3450 rpm - 13.7 amp draw
1-1/4" female NPT pump discharge - 20' cord length
Balanced bronze impeller
Stainless steel cutter plate and cutter blades
Shipping weight 87 lbs.

WD 820 Grinder Pump Owners Manual


NEW  Zoeller Shark Series
#9150007 Sewage Grinder Pump
Package System

1/2 HP 115V grinder pump with
18" x 30" Fiberglass Basin

9150007  $ 699.00
Delivery Charge Only $ 95.00
Only 2 Units Left at this special price.

Comes complete ready to install in your basement
floor, or to retrofit an existing 18x30 basin.

#922-0007 Factory Assembled WD820
Simplex Grinder Package System
$ 2275.00
Delivery Charge Only $ 125.00
Only 2 Units Left at This Special Price

( 24" x 72" Job Ready as pictured to right )

Zoeller burial tank for sewage grinder outdoor installations.

This factory assembled system consists of the
WD 820  2 hp  230 v  Automatic Sewage Grinder Pump
24" x 72" Simplex Basin, fiberglass lid, brass disconnect
fitting and 1-1/2" Stainless steel Guide Rail System.
System is assembled with 1-1/4" cast iron sewage check
valve and 1-1/4" galvanized steel discharge pipe.

Alarm package is included but not pictured. The floats for turning on and off of the pump and for the alarm are connected through the QuikBox watertight splice connection box.
An 1-1/4" PVC Ball Valve is installed at the 1-1/4" Bulk Head discharge fitting to prevent sewage from draining back into the tank after disconnection.

Cast iron sewage check valve for sewage grinder pumps.


$ 69.50          #30-0163     1-1/4" Cast Iron Sewage Check Valve
for use with Zoeller grinder sewage pump. Threaded 1-1/4"  female by 1-1/4" female thread. Rated at 50 psi / 115 feet of head. Neoprene polyester reinforced flapper valve with metal backing. MUST BE USED WITH WD-820   2 HP GRINDER


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