If you home needs to pump sewage up to a gravity drain, Zoeller Sewage Pump Package Systems is the answer for you. We have simplex, single pump packages, and duplex, two pump packages to offer more storage and backup protection for your larger home or small commercial operation.
Sump pump systems and sewage pump systems are available for your basement home improvement. We offer single pump systems and two pump systems for your sewage pump requirements. We also have the drain pump package for sump pump discharge of dirty water from sinks and laundry to a drain to carry the sump water away.

Duplex 2 sewage pump systems consist of 2 sewage pumps, check valves and the controller with the basin.
Duplex Sewage Package
Zoeller Pump Company has the right pump for you. Whether you are pumping sewage or just effluent sump water, call Dean Bennett Supply at 800-621-4291 to select the right pump for you.

M-267 1/2 horse power Zoeller sewage pump for residential use.
M-267 Sewage Pump for
use in simplex sewage
pump systems.

Package Systems
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Zoeller M53 is Zoeller's best sump pump for home use.
M-53 Sump Pump
same as in this drain
pump package
#105-M53           $ 187.50

105M53 Drain Pump Installation Instructions

Sump pump / Drain pump package system includes Zoeller M-53 Automatic sump pump, a 5 gallon polyethylene drain basin, basin lid, sump pump check valve and internal discharge pipe. This system is excellent for beneath a dry sink or for laundry water collection.

Small dewatering system for under bar sink or basement laundry sink.
Drain Pump Package for
under dry sink ect.


Zoeller package system includes sewage pump, basin, and check valve.
Simplex Sewage System


Zoeller duplex 2 pump sewage pump systems for sewage pumps systems.
Duplex sewage pump package

N267 Non Automatic Sewage Pump for use in duplex pump systems.
N267 Sewage Pump
Manual / Non-Automatic
same pump as in the duplex
sewage pump packages

$ 439.00
Simplex Package Sewage Pump System included M-264  4/10th hp automatic sewage pump, an 18" diameter x 30" deep polyethylene sewage basin, that has a gasketed steel basin lid and 2" cast iron sewage check valve. Not for outdoor use. This sewage pump system is designed for basement floor installation where the sewage pump will pump the sewage up in the neighborhood of 10 feet to a gravity line. The M264 sewage pump will pump 60 gpm at 10 feet of lift.
$ 508.00
Simplex Package SewagePump  System includes M-267  1/2 hp automatic sewage pump, an 18" diameter x  30" deep polyethylene sewage basin, with a gasketed steel basin lid and 2" cast iron sewage check valve. Not for outdoor use. This M267 sewage pump system is designed for installation in the basement floor to pump up 10 feet to the gravity discharge line. The 1/2 hp M267 is able to pump up 10 feet and pump 89 gallons per minute.
$ 620.00*
Same simplex sewage pump system as above package except for it has the larger  24" diameter x  30" deep sewage basin allowing for additional storage and peak usage. This larger sewage basin allows more sewage to collect before the level in the sewage basin gets high enough to turn on the M267 sewage pump. This will allow the pump to run longer to discharge the sewage from the basin. Not for outdoor use.


$ 2067.00*
Duplex package sewage pumps system with 2 N-267 manual sewage pumps, #10-0092 E-pak alternator duplex control panel with 3 floats, 2 sewage check valves, and the larger 36" diameter x  36" deep heavy polyethylene sewage basin for additional storage and peak usage. Not for outdoor use.
M264 Automatic 4/10th HP Sewage Pump.
M264 Automatic 4/10th HP
Sewage Pump


* Due to high truck freight cost on basins and sewage systems larger than 18x30, it is necessary to charge
$ 125.00 surcharge on these systems and basins.

Please note: Customer must check if his code requires 10' water stack rated tanks. Florida and LA County require this rating. We stock model #310159 that meets this requirement for indoor tanks. We can special order 10' water stack test rated indoor tanks in most sizes shown on this page.


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