Sump Pump Sales of the Zoeller Quality Sump Pumps for dewatering your basement and pumping drainage water away to protect your home and your basement from flooding and water damage. Home improvement needs a sump effluent pump system in your basement to keep your basement dry and prevent damage to your finished basement. We also offer battery powered sump pump systems and water powered sump pumps to protect your home when power goes out. No matter what your sump pump requirements are, we have the sump pump solutions for you.
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ZOELLER  N-53 Non-Automatic Sump Pump
The N-53 is a non-automatic / manual model sump pump with a 15' cord - shipping weight is 21 lbs. Manual pumps are desirable where you want to control their operation with different controls. Duplex sump pump systems can be used with an alternator control panel to have a 2 sump pump system for protection against higher volumes of water at peak times. Also because the alternator will alternate the sump pump usage, the pumps will usually last longer.
#140 Series ZOELLER Effluent Sump Pump

1 horsepower - 115 volt - 12 amp draw - 3450 rpm - 1 1/2" female discharge - thermoplastic impeller
20' cord length - will pass 1/2" spherical solids Pump body and base are cast iron

Zoeller 140 model sump pump for dewatering.
N-140  1 HP
Effluent Sump Pump


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ZOELLER N-140 Non-Automatic Effluent Pump
N-140 is a manual / non-automatic 1 hp, 115 volt, effluent sump pump for heads of up to 45 ft. with a thermoplastic impeller for longer life. Pump Body and Base are Cast iron. 20' cord length - shipping weight 43 lbs.
  5' 86
10' 80
15' 73 BN-140
$ 355.00
Only 2 can
be furnished
as automatic
ZOELLER BN-140 Automatic Effluent Pump
The BN-140 is made automatic with a #10-0034 piggy back style single ball float switch with 15' float cord length - shipping weight 53 lbs.
20' 66
25' 59
30' 49
40' 28
50' 0
M-81 ZOELLER Column Style Sump Pump
Zoeller 81 column style sump pump for dewatering basement sump pits.
M-81 Sump Pump M-81
$ 65.00
ZOELLER  M-81  Automatic Sump Pump 1/3rd hp - 115 volt - 5.9 amp draw - 1725 rpm - column style sump pump will pass up to 1/2" spherical solids with non-clog design impeller - plastic base and column to resist corrosion.
1 1/4" female discharge     Ship Wt. is 16 lbs.     comes on at 9" and goes off at 4" - maximum 130 degrees

  5' 38.5
10' 32.5 Only 1 at
this clearance price
15' 24.0
20' 4.5
20.5' 0
#42 ZOELLER Competitive Drain Pump

Manual Floor Sucker / Utility Pump

$ 49.00

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ZOELLER Manual Floor Sucker Utility Pump
1/6 horsepower - 115 volt - 1.5 amp draw 9' cord - 1 1/4" slip or 5/8" garden hose discharge - Can be used submersed or placed on a flat surface pumps down to within 1/8" of the floor
di-cast aluminum body is small enough to go through a 7" opening
Offered manual / non-automatic only
shipping weight 7 lbs.
  5' 16.5
10' 13.2
15'   8.9
20'   2.5
21'      0
Zoeller 42 floor sucker pump can suck down to within 1/8" of the floor.

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